Advice for the Brand New Homeschool Mom

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Choosing to homeschool is a HUGE decision. It is a change of lifestyle that touches each person in your home. If you are on the brink of the homeschooling plunge, then I want to encourage you with this seasoned advice from other homeschool families:

Our calendar wall

Our calendar wall

Relax…you are your child’s best teacher.


God gives you enough time in the day to do what He wants you to do. If you don’t have time for everything (including sleep), you’re doing too much! And that is not how He wants you to live!

Take the first 18 months to figure out what works for you and your students. Make lots of changes at that time.

It’s ok to not finish a whole workbook – you can even change curriculum after a week if you want to…you get to make the decisions that are best for your child!

Don’t expect perfection. You are learning, just like they are.

Pray and Trust God because he will give you those little moments that you need to keep going.

Be committed to the calling to homeschool and don’t compare your children to one another or to other homeschooled children. Stay the course!

God has called you; He will equip you.

Relax and don’t be so hard on yourself…it will all work out.

Relax and enjoy your children. Don’t try to recreate a traditional classroom experience. Make God’s Word a priority.

You don’t have to be a perfect home school parent, because you have God.

Don’t give up!!! Persevere. PRAY!!! God is sufficient!!

The kids get to wave goodbye to their Daddy each morning as he leaves for work.

The kids get to wave goodbye to their Daddy each morning as he leaves for work.

It takes a while to settle into a routine.

Don’t worry about how everyone else teaches, do your best and take your time.

Enjoy your children and delight in them. Do not let yourself get anxious over expectations, standards, or comparisons.

Submit to the spiritual leadership of your husband, as you are instructed in scripture.

Build your relationship with them first and the education will come!

Don’t Panic! God led you here, and he will not leave you now. Trust Him. Listen to your kids…really HEAR them. They will tell you how they learn if you’ll be careful to listen to them.

In order to homeschool successfully, we first need to unschool ourselves. I wish someone had told me this in the beginning and explained to me that your home does not have to replicate traditional school the way we know it. You can still learn in a loving, relaxed environment.

Don’t give up today, because you might not feel the same way about it tomorrow!

Search your heart and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons!

I get to spend time with my kids; building relationships, sharing Jesus, making mistakes, and living life!

I get to spend time with my kids; building relationships, sharing Jesus, making mistakes, and living life!


You can only invest in your children once so: enjoy, relax, and make it an adventure, and all the knowledge in the world does not matter unless the spiritual knowledge goes with it.

Start with your best subject, and then gradually increase your load. Success breeds, success.

Just relax, sit on the couch with the kids, and read to them.

Do your best then trust the Lord to fill in the gaps.

Do you have advice to add? Please share your comment below.


Advice for the Brand New Homeschool Mom — 6 Comments

    • These are great reminders for all of us, aren’t they? I gotta work on not comparing my teaching skills and kids to others. I’m getting better, but there is always room for improvement!

      • I’ve compared myself too and then I’ve seen people compare themselves to me and I get confused…..cause here I am thinking they are super mom…yet they want to be like me? But I want to be like them! Godliness with Contentment is great gain…..if only we would live that way…’s a beautiful dream and I pray it becomes reality in my life.

  1. Great post! At first I tried to do it like they do in public schools, thinking that was what an education was, but oh how I was wrong! I’ve learned so much along this journey. Learning how to learn has been a key component.(I always got strait A’s in school but only because I was really good at doing what I was told) I view one of my greatest educational tasks as just that – give them the tools, the ability to learn, the love of learning and they’ll do the rest.