Children’s Book Review: The Runaway Beignet

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Those of you who have been around a while know I absolutely LOVE books. But they must be quality books. I think there is nothing more frustrating than reading a book only to get to the end and find it was a waste of time.

runaway beignetEven a children’s book can be a dud. But not this one! The Runaway Beignet ($12.34) by Connie Collins Morgan is absolutely adorable!!

Set in New Orleans, you will find the story of The Runaway Beignet similar to The Gingerbread Man. However, in this story there is an added depth. A sweet magic, that can only be found in New Orleans, permeates the pages. The kids and I enjoyed making up music to go along with the sing song chant of the beignet as he runs away from different characters. And my children loved the surprise at the end!

DSC_0054Because of the twists and turns of the book, my children and I had a wonderful conversation about love and friendship.

The artwork is stunning! And if you know New Orleans, you will find many landmarks, and cultural activities, pictured.runaway beignet

My Recommendation:DSC_0058

While this is not a Christian book, per se, I do know Connie, the author. I’m proud to say that I went to the same church with her when my husband and I lived in Maryland for a few years. Connie loves Jesus, and she has written a fun, magical story that children will enjoy over and over.

The Runaway Beignet by Connie Collins Morgan receives 5 aliens out of 5 aliens for Family Book Friendliness!!

5 alien award



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  1. I have not been to New Orleans but have heard many things–good and not so good. But this is true of every place. Glad to hear that there is a book highlighting some of the better things in New Orleans. Thank you for the review and the give away.

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