Chimps vs. Humanity

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**This is the object lesson that I used with the Preschoolers Tuesday night for VBS. I thought I’d share it with you. I learned quite a bit while researching it. Obviously I did not give the little people all of this info. And if you happen to be an expert on Chimpanzees, sorry for my rough knowledge! 🙂

How are chimpanzees like us?

They have excellent memories and are very curious. They enjoy playing games. Most animals can only see in grey scale, but chimps can see colors, such as red and green. Chimpanzees live in families. They can grow to about 5 feet tall. They have a similar facial structure and can show moods and emotions. Chimps can stand like people for brief periods. And they are able to communicate by touch or use of simple signs. Chimpanzees in captivity have been taught sign language to say things such as, “Give orange me.” Most of the communication from these chimps is directive.

BUT! Chimpanzees are NOT humans. What makes us different? There is less than 2% difference in our DNA make-up, but it is enough to make our two species VERY different. Chimpanzees can stand on their hind legs like humans for a very short amount of time. People, obviously, mainly use 2 feet to move. But the big thing that makes us different is our use of language. We use syntax and parts of speech that allow us to have conversations with people. Chimpanzees are able to read some body language to communicate, but not to the extent that humans do. We are able to recognize the feelings of others by looking in the eyes of a person. Chimps can’t do that.

So even though Chimpanzees are “almost” human, they are not. And there are people like that as well. Some people are “almost” Christians. These people may say the “right” words or do good things to serve other people, but they may not have surrendered their lives to Jesus. THAT’S the difference. To be a Christian, one must believe that Jesus lived on the earth, died on the cross, rose from the grave, and is now in heaven with God His Father. A person must also confess with his or her mouth that Jesus is going to be Lord of his or her life.

If you really think about it, one cannot “almost” be a Christian. You either are, or you aren’t.

And there is one other thing that makes Chimps different from humans. Chimps were created by God. Humans were created in the IMAGE of God and God breathed His breath into man. So the characteristics that make us different from Chimps come straight from the characteristics of a good and loving God.


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