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I’m not the most organized person in the world. I mean, I’m organized if I’m working on a project, but as for storage and household organization, I pretty much stink at it.

I found a neat idea in a magazine and I thought I would try it out. My art cabinets have been stuffed full of, well, stuff. I have all kinds of things left over from my teaching days, VBS days, Sunday School teaching days, homeschool stuff, kid’s coloring stuff. And I didn’t even know what all I still had.


So this neat idea was to take a shoe hanger and put it in the pantry to hold supplies. It’s probably not a new concept, but it was to me. And this idea seemed doable.

RB checking out a few of the things I moved into the pantry.

While the kids played nicely, I started moving.

Well, it’s neater and I actually threw some stuff away. Those poor Christmas tree angels on the top middle shelf need to be glued back together. But I have another 2.5 months…

We’ll see how this works. 🙂 (There’s a hole on the bottom right for the play dough bucket. The kids were busy!)

All finished! I even have 2 empty holes down on the bottom for more.

What neat organizing strategy do you have for your everyday art and homeschool supplies?


Creative Storage — 5 Comments

  1. I like the fact the pockets are clear and you can see what’s inside. I remember a friend’s mom sewing up an organizer like that (out of fabric) and although it seemed like a neat idea at the time, things would get “lost” in those pockets because you couldn’t see them. So I definitely like this one better! 🙂

  2. This isn’t for homechooling, but I learned a trick from a friend about kitchen organization. I saw it in her kitchen and duplicated. I needed some organization for my plastic bowls and lids. If you get a clear plastic tote (make sure to measure so it fits in the cabinet) and place all the lids in it so they are standing upright. It’s like having your lids in a file cabinet. You can pull tote out and file through to find your lid. It makes my plastics so much more managable 🙂