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I always try to review books and resources that you, my Reader, will enjoy. I also happen to have an acquaintance who wrote a book and I wanted to help her out with her book launch. So this review is a win-win situation. Read on the learn more about Curious Faith by Logan Wolfram.

curious faith

This book, Curious Faith ($10.70), focuses on our journey through life. As we travel with the Lord, we can either question him on everything, or we can patiently trust the one who knows what is going on. But in our trust, we can choose to be curious as we walk with the Lord and watch what he does through us, our families, and friends. curious faithLife is hard. Many times it seems like an uphill battle every day. Through her own every day experiences, Logan easily portrays a life of curiosity and faith. Encouragement and honesty fill the pages of her book and I was challenged to look at certain life issues with a different perspective.curious faithEach chapter has a Dig a Little Deeper section where Logan asks pointed questions to make the reader ponder and pray about her faith. I found these sections to be refreshing.

I’ve been a blogger for a while now. I’ve learned a lot about media and read many blog posts about how to improve as a blogger and writer. Over and over, it is advised for writers to show how broken they are. Readers, we are told, want to see the problems of others. curious faithChapter 10 opened my eyes to the fallacy of this. Maybe people do want to read about the problems and hard times of others. (Please email me and let me know!) However, God doesn’t allow us to stay in our brokenness. With Jesus, life is about restoration and newness. It’s about getting rid of the old and putting on the new. Yes, we might mourn for the night, but joy, excitement, and curiosity are found in the morning!

Reader, are you broken? I know I am. But I refuse to wallow in it. I wonder how God will use this brokenness of mine to bring joy to myself and others.curious faithReader, do you need hope? The blessed hope is Jesus. And Logan does a great job of encouraging us to place a curious faith into the nail scarred hands of the one who loves us unconditionally.

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