Dear Children…

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Dear Children,

While I know you want so much to do what you want to do with no repercussions, I’m afraid such behavior will not happen under my watch.

There will be no throwing of legos under any circumstances; and throwing the ball over and over again at the bedroom door, while loud and exciting, is not being a good steward of the blessing of having your own bedroom.

It does not matter how much toothpaste you have on your toothbrush or where exactly it is placed on the toothbrush. And there is no need to fall on the floor in anguish when such a thing happens not to your liking.

When it is time to go to the library and you neglect to put on socks and shoes, or long pants, when it is freezing outside, even though I have told you to put on such items of clothing, then you will get into the van without such items because I am not waiting on you anymore.

It really is OK for your father to read books to you, sing songs to you, put you to bed, put on a band-aid, or give you a bath. Mama does not have to do everything, and will not do everything.

You are a part of this family. So when asked, I expect you to sweep the floor, take out the clean dishes, clean up your room, or take out the recycling.

When someone speaks to you, you will speak nicely back. When another person gives you a gift, then you will say, “Thank you,” whether you like or want whatever was given to you.

After the lights are out and the door is closed it is time to stay in bed, not think of every excuse possible allowing you to get out of your bed.

I don’t demand this behavior from you because I love being mean and making your life miserable. I do this because I love you and because I’d like for you to move out of my house one day.

I really do love you. If I didn’t love you, then I wouldn’t care how you behaved toward myself, nor anyone else. I enjoy being your mother and teaching you how to live by the standards which have been given to us, not by man, but by God. It is my job to model such standards and train you up in them. You know what? I make mistakes, just like you do. I’m disobedient and rebellious towards God at times as well. And it is God’s job to teach me how to behave toward Himself and others.

I have a lot of learning to do just like you.
Why don’t we learn together?


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