Five Minute Friday: MERCY

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So it’s called “Five Minute Friday.” Over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, she gives a one word prompt. Then we writers are to set our timers for five minutes and write with gusto! No spelling or grammar worries, just pure, raw, lovely thoughts put onto a computer screen. If you like that kind of challenge, then go get your timer and link up!

Five Minute FridayThis week’s word is: MERCY


The Lord is good. And He is worthy of all of our praise. And there really are times when I don’t “get” Him. I know that’s scriptural and all. His ways are not my ways, etc. But I wonder where God’s mercy is at times.

I look around me and see suffering. Worldwide, stateside, in my church, next door.

Where is God’s mercy? There are some people who have trial after trial after trial. And I wonder where God’s mercy is. They sure need some.

But perhaps the mercy is there, and it’s stronger, because the storm is raging. It’s the storm that teaches us perseverance, trust, reliance.

And it’s when we are calling out to the God who hears that the mercy falls upon us like rain.


Thanks for joining me today! Have a fantastic weekend!

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Five Minute Friday: MERCY — 10 Comments

  1. Ah yes – Mercy falling like Rain… that is my favorite! We are neighbors over at Lisa-Jo’s tonight! It is hard to find Him in the hugeness of real (hard) life – but thank God – He is always there!

  2. If there was no suffering there would be no mercy. His mercy is ever present. It may not look like what you think or want it to look like but it is there. I know this for a fact. Sometimes His mercy is the suffering because the alternative would be unthinkable. I love your post and I appreciate your honesty. Thank you so much for sharing today.

    • I agree. I have so many around me right now struggling. And after calling someone yesterday so I could encourage her, she ended up being MY encourager! God is so good and He really does shower down His grace and mercy when we need it.

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