Five Minute Friday: SHE

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So it’s called “Five Minute Friday.” Over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog, she gives a one word prompt EARLY Friday morning. Then we writers are to set our timers for five minutes and write with gusto! No spelling or grammar worries, just pure, raw, lovely thoughts put onto a computer screen. If you like that kind of challenge, then go get your timer and link up!

Five Minute FridayThis week’s word is: SHE


SHE: It’s a word with three letters. A pronoun of the female persuation.

But before there was a SHE there was a HE.

And the LORD and HE knew there was something missing. So the LORD created a SHE from the HE.

A helpmate. A freind. A wife.

SHE was taken from the HE. Not from the foot, so as to be stepped on, but from the side of the HE. An equal to be loved with his heart.

SHE is blamed for the problems of this world. The snake, the garden, the fruit.

However, it could have happened to anyone.

It is also through a SHE that the ONE which was to die for the salvation of all peoples came.

SHE. It is a small word. Yet it is a catalyst for grace, mercy, and eternal relationship.


Thanks for joining me today! Have a fantastic weekend!

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