From Desperation to Determination

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I want to start with a HUGE thank you to Patty over at ThoughtsFromAnAmericanWoman for her encouragement. I’ve walked 3 days this week! Wahoo!!

I just finished watching the second video from Made to Crave. Last week’s study helped me to realize my laziness. My laziness is toward physical food and spiritual food. The video tonight helped me to see that this laziness causes me to become desperate. And desperation breeds defeat.

I was asked to read Genesis 25:27-34. It’s the story of Jacob and Esau. Esau is hungry and in the course of trying to get a meal from Jacob (who evidently makes good red stew) Esau gave away his birthright. He tells Jacob to give him some food or he will perish! What an exaggeration!! But how many times have I told myself, “I NEEEEED one more XYZ with chocolate covering it; I HAVE to have it; I WANT it NOW!” Do I really need it? I’m thinking not. Do I have to have it? Nope. And the whole “wanting it now” is just pure selfishness. I, like Esau, am allowing temporary discomfort to overshadow the blessings of the future.

I have to remember who I am. I love Lysa’s saying: “I’m a Jesus girl.”

I am not fat.
I am not a loser.
I am not a failure.
I am not incapable.
I’m a Jesus girl.
I am capable of victory.
I am absolutely capable of being empowered.
God loves me.
I need to remember who I am.

As for the laziness and sinful part, I must be determined to fight against the sin. How can I ever ask my husband, my friends, or my children to stay strong and pure in their areas of struggle if I can’t do it myself? That’s trying to take the stick out of their eye before taking the log out of my own!

I also need to watch my exaggerations. No more “Mrs. Drama Queen” for me!

So here is my assignment of the week. I am to 1) Be determined; 2) Plan ahead what I am going to eat; and 3) Remember who I am.

I’m going to print up the words “Remember who you are” and put them on my refrigerator. The other thing I’m going to do is to print out these wonderful posters that are free on Lysa’s website. I’ll be sure to link all of these to my posts as I go through this study.
Week One’s Poster
Week Two’s Poster

I think a big part of my defeats of the past has been my attitude. I plan on working on that too this week. I’m finding that a bad attitude in one area can spread poison to all other areas of my life. My attitude caused me to stop doing what had brought me success. I must be DETERMINED to do better.

**Please take a moment to check out Audria’s posts over at The Well. She is reading the book as I go through the video series.


From Desperation to Determination — 3 Comments

  1. WAY TO GO! Very proud of you. I will have to owe you my 2 miles…hopefully by next week. I pulled a muscle in my thigh so I am treating it -hot/cold compresses and stretches. Today it actually felt better and I may be able to go back to my aerobic walking next week. I actually miss it now that I can’t do it. Keep up the great work, I am rooting for you! Hugs – Patty

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