From My Family to Yours: Our 2012 Christmas Card

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DSCN8927Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and family!!  This year, we went to work, raised kids, went to church, updated Facebook, etc.  The highlights for this year have been the little moments.  Here are some of our favorites!DSCN7747

Dad: Ok kids. Let’s review. What is entropy?
RB: Moo moo pies!
Sweet Cheeks: Jesus!

DSCN0518RB (while lifting weights): Mama! I can hardly believe your eyes! I can almost break wood now!

RB: The water swallowed up the Egyptians. I think I’d rather be an Israelite than an Egyptian.
Sweet Cheeks: Yeah, I’d rather be a person.

RB: Old Man Flipperhead!
Dad: Where did you learn that?
RB: I just said it. I couldn’t say it the first time because I was giggling about it. I don’t have two mouths so I can’t giggle and talk at the same time.DSCN7738

DSCN0654Dad: I LOVE being your daddy!
Sweet Cheeks: And I LOVE being RB’s sister!!

Sweet Cheeks: Puppets don’t go potty.

RB: Did we plant llama beans?DSCN8896

Dad: What is 9+9?
RB: I don’t know that. Nobody knows that.

Sweet Cheeks (prayer): Lord, thank you for the whole, beautiful world!

RB: Sometimes I get my mouth stuck open.

DSCN7844Sweet Cheeks: I don’t have a husband. I can’t find one.

DSCN7845Sweet Cheeks (after throwing a major fit): Maybe you two need to go somewhere to learn how to be a better mama and daddy!

RB: Hey Mama! Wanna smell my stinky feet?
Mama: No thank you!
RB: Why not? Just a little sniff?


Merry Christmas!!!


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