A Great Way to Teach Kids Spanish

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Interested in teaching Spanish to your kids? Or, like my husband, perhaps you want to learn another language yourself. My friend Debbie has a blog which I am going to have to seriously check out because my kids have finished one year of Spanish and now I need something new. And because we LOVE books, and I try to read to my kids as much as possible, these Spanish lessons with books fit perfectly!

I asked her to introduce herself to my wonderful readers and tell you about her series. It looks great!!

For over twenty years now I have taught Spanish…first in a local public high school, then to my own boys as I homeschooled them, and now I run an in-home business teaching students ages four to adults.  I also have a blog, Debbie’s Spanish Learning, that I started last year to keep track of all the ideas I use in my lessons.  If you teach Spanish in a school setting, or you homeschool, there might be some ideas on the blog you can use.  Let me give you “a tour” of what I have on my site. You can see what teaching ideas I have by clicking on the link for each subject…

When I teach elementary-aged kids I tend to start with numbers and colors in Spanish. We then move onto other topics like body parts, clothing, weather, the alphabet, and foods.

Some of my favorite activities to do with kids?  Using Mr. Potato Head to teach/review body parts. Playing Spot It! with my students. And using stickers to help with learning {See these posts: Penguin Prepositions and Monster Sticker Activity}.

Since I teach highschoolers I also have activities on my blog for that age range and ability. Here are a few of the things I do with teens to help them learn the language:

Spot the Differences Cards to learn how to describe a scene.

Using Dice for all kinds of language activities.

Border Search to review vocabulary.

This month I have a new series on my blog that I am quite excited about! I have picked thirty-one of my favorite children’s books in Spanish that I use in teaching elementary school kids. I have picked these books based on several criteria {although not all the books have every one of these characteristics}:

A great overall story

Thematic vocabulary


Examples of Hispanic culture

Teaching concepts {Ideas in the story that you can springboard off of to teach Spanish}

31 Days of Spanish booksEach day there will be a new book I will review.  I may give teaching ideas to go along with the book. Or there may be a list of vocabulary that you can focus on as you read. For some books I suggest where they might be a good fit, for example, in a food unit or when you teach prepositions. So head on over to 31 Days of Spanish Books for Kids! There is a complete list of books I will be reviewing, but remember, the links won’t work until each post goes live so check back each day. It is my hope that you will find some helpful resources for teaching Spanish!

Debbie is a stay-at-home mom who teaches Spanish in the Last Frontier {Alaska}. She blogs about her teaching at Debbie’s Spanish Learning and about faith at The Architect and the Artist.

Thoughts? Please share!