Homeschool Review: ARTistic Pursuits

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Art has never really been “my” thing.

Oh, I’m creative. But drawing and teaching art in our homeschool is difficult for some reason. Now that I have tried ARTistic Pursuits, I feel like I have an invaluable resource at my finger tips.


ARTistic Pursuits is an art curriculum that teaches art objectives in an age-appropriate way allowing children to express art as they observe the world around them. We received the book Early Elementary K-3, Book 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts ($47.95). This allowed us to begin our art journey at the beginning, but there are other titles to choose from depending upon the talents, or age, of your child. These art curriculum books are for Preschool through 12th grade.


The first books teach art elements and composition. The next level focuses on art history. Then students are ready to tackle media and techniques. All of these allow children to express art in their own fashion and learn how to observe the world around them.

How We Used The Product:

The book recommends 1 lesson per week. We attempted to do 2 lessons per week because we were excited to begin. Part of the motivation was the box which arrived on my front porch with all of the art supplies I had ordered. Oh such excitement!!covK-31002_zps1e7c8380

Each lesson begins with a paragraph introducing the artistic objective. It then shows an example of a professional work of art exhibiting the artistic skill being taught. The kids and I would snuggle on the couch and read through these sections. We enjoyed discussing the questions given about the artist’s work. Then we would turn the page to receive our instructions for the art project. The materials needed were listed and then directions were explained. An example of child’s piece of artwork was shown, or, at times, there were step by step pictures showing the kids how to do the project.

The art materials were simple to buy. You can buy them through ARTistic Pursuits themselves, or from another party.  Some of the materials I already had on hand, such as watercolor paper and sketch paper.

I put an old table cloth over the kitchen table and the kids had a safe place to create. On the day they were to go outside and sketch we had rain. So I brought out different plants, shells, and other items we had in the house that classified as “nature.” It worked. So far the kids have created with watercolor crayons, ebony pencils, and oil pastels. We’re still waiting to use the clay. That will be Lesson 23.




The Kids’ Reactions:

The kids really enjoyed the art projects, especially since I haven’t ever done anything like this with them before. But over and over I heard, “When do we do clay?” I think they got a little bored of watercolor crayons because 5 of the first 8 lessons used that artistic medium. I reassured them that they had a lot of art they needed to learn before they could use the clay, and they seemed satisfied with that.



I do think a little more variation in art media at the beginning of the book would be good, but this curriculum seems very useful in our homeschool. I plan on continuing the book.

Overall, ARTistic Pursuits earn 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool FAMILY friendliness!

5 aliens

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Homeschool Review: ARTistic Pursuits — 2 Comments

  1. Hmmm. Is the book intended to be used in order? Our preschool book didn’t build on anything previously taught, so I was able to jump around as I wanted. But it’s more parent led…

    Great review!

    • It doesn’t really say you can’t jump around, but the book is in three sections. It makes sense to me that the lessons should be done in order.

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