Homeschool Review: BrainFood Learning DVD

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Science videos? Yes, please!! There are times in our homeschool when I do well with fitting science into our schedule. Lately, it hasn’t been so easy. We’ve been traveling quite a bit and been busy with other summer activities. Through the Review Crew I had the option to review a science video.

BrainFood Learning was started by a set of parents who wanted quality content for videos so they would educate, as well as, entertain. So they made this series. The age range for these videos can be from 2 to 13 years of age.  insects_front_500__981921320383955300400_zps866e5588

I was able to choose one of the following videos:
Fascinating World of Mammals DVD ($14.99)
Fascinating World of Birds DVD ($14.99)
Fascinating World of Insects DVD ($14.99)

I chose the insect video for two reasons. One, when I was a 4th grade teacher I taught insects and I think they are kinda of neat. Two, I chose this topic because the kids and I had not gotten around to studying insects yet. We were excited to watch it!

birds_front_500__461681322240558300400_zpsc2153c21About the Product:
This video presented these amazing creatures using fantastic video footage! It was colorful and packed with insect facts. The video begins by defining an insect and then launches into teaching about 10 specific insects. Between each insect a new vocabulary word was introduced. And if I listened carefully enough, I think I noticed that each word was added into the narration only after it had been introduced. (I could be wrong about that, but I think that is correct.) I loved the list of insects chosen to represent the insect world. Some of the insets were “cool” and others we have around the house.

At the end of the video, there was a 5 part review. The review included flashcards, insect identification multiple choice questions, labeling an insect diagram, check of insect facts, and vocabulary. It was very well done.mammals_front_500__556451320384055300400_zps4f7f14fe

Also, BrainFood has some online curriculum that you can download for FREE!! The lesson plan has numerous worksheets that incorporate reading, writing, as well as science.

My Thoughts:
My 4 year old can now say, “Entomologist.” What more could a mama want? Sweet Cheeks really did enjoy the video. She even answered quite a few of the review questions before the answer choices were given. RB enjoyed the video as well, but he lost interest in the review after part 3. The second time we watched the video, I interacted with the kids and the video more and RB responded by sticking with us and answering some questions as well.

What the Kids Think:
RB – “I like the dragonfly the best because it helps crops. I didn’t like the mosquito!”
Sweet Cheeks – “Butterflies go into a chrysalis…But when they go into it, they are a caterpillar. When they come out, they are a butterfly. I especially liked the rhino beetle because some people keep them as pets.”

Overall, the Fascinating World of Insects video from BrainFood Learning earns 5 grasshoppers out of 5 grasshoppers for homeschool friendliness!

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