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For months I have felt like my life is unsettled and chaotic. Granted, we’ve been going through the adoption process, but life just seems to be spinning out of control and I want it to stop for JUST one. moment!

Do you feel that way?

Flourish Apologia

Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms ($15.00) is published  by Apologia Educational Ministries. There are 16 chapters in the book with extra resources and forms in the back. I think the book, itself, looks “pretty.” The cover is beautiful and the font inside is fancy. I felt like I needed to drink tea from a tea cup while I read the book.Flourish-cover-tn_zps5dd5b588

This book by Mary Jo Tate has been a challenge for me to get through. Not because it is a bad book, but because she gives practical advice on organizing one’s life and I find it stretching me beyond my comfort zone.

That’s a good thing!

This is written for homeschool moms by a single, homeschool mom. Mary Jo is a speaker on this subject and many of her chapters include quotes from moms who have applied her ideas. The book has scripture throughout it, and encouraging quotes.

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How I Used The Product:

I started reading this book while on vacation at the beach. I had thought to myself, “I’ll do some light reading.” ~ Um~ I got stuck on chapter 1. Each chapter has a “Take Action” section at the end where Mary Jo spells out what you are supposed to do using her tips and advice. Chapter 1’s assignment was for me to take a Self-Evaluation. In the back of the book there is an Appendix that has forms you can use.

So I opened to the back of the book and stared at the page. And I prayed. I wanted to be honest with myself. I started to answer Mary Jo’s questions one by one. These were questions that were insightful. They made me think and really begin to analyze my priorities: the ones I had right, and the ones that might need some tweaking.

flourish2I’ve been drooping. I began to wade through the coming chapters. One of the assignments was for me to track what I did each hour for 7 days. I made it through two. It was hard to do. Eyeopening, but difficult. It caused me to see that I spend way too much time doing some activities when I could be using my time more wisely. One of the truths that I love from this book, is that Mary Jo admits that she doesn’t do it all. Every choice made means that something else is NOT being done. THAT was freeing to me!! However…

When I hit chapter 6, I about quit. I knew I needed to get my husband in on this because the book was beginning to stress me out. I was to consider my dreams, my yearly goals, monthly calendar, weekly plan, daily tasks, to-do lists, and stop-doing lists. My head was spinning!!

So I began to talk out some of these ideas, organizational strategies, and lists with my husband. Through our dialogue, I began to get myself back on track and communicate what these personal goals were for me and the family.

Because of chapter 6 I began to organize my homeschool slightly different which is going to allow the kids to learn how to work more independently and stay focused longer. I now have my Big Dreams on paper and I’m beginning to plan out ways to make them come to fruition. My husband and I are using a spiral notebook to house all of our To-Do lists instead of having multiple pieces of paper scattered about hither and yon.

Mary Jo also gave tips on cleaning up one’s time on the computer. As a blogger, I’m on the computer quite a bit, so streamlining my time is important!

flourish 3In chapter 12, Mary Jo helps describe ways to manage the home. I have found myself quoting: Everything has its place! to my kids. We are in the process of painting and rearranging…and getting RID of stuff!! I love it!!


Look at this picture:

flourish1This is my book. I have not made it all the way through yet. I have so many issues I’m working through and strategies I am applying. I was SO overwhelmed. What I decided to do was dog-ear pages, mark, and underline quotes and sentences that I wanted to remember. This book will be a resource I will revisit as life goes on and changes.

Overall, Flourish earns 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool MOM helps!

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