Homeschool Review: Fundanoodle

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My son (first grade) has issues with writing. He doesn’t like it. It’s hard for him. I don’t know. Maybe I pushed him too early even though I was trying to follow his cues…but, still, he doesn’t like it. My daughter (kindergarten) is loving school and wants to be doing what big brother is doing. When the offer to review Fundanoodle came up, I had never heard of the company. Once I read more about them on the website I knew that I had to try this for two reasons: 1) I wanted some expert help to assist me with teaching RB how to write; and 2) My daughter would be able to have a book like big brother and work on her handwriting.fundanoodlelogo_zps4636896c

These were the different options for reviews:
Orange (Age 3+/Preschool): I Can Pound Activity Block
Orange (Age 3+/Preschool): I Can Bead, Lace, Rip and Trace
Orange (Age 3+/Preschool): I Can Doodle, AND I Can Do Fun Activities (Floor Pads)
Orange (Age 3+/Preschool): I Can Cut, AND I Can Do Math Level 1AND Max & Alphie’s Adventure Level 1
Blue (Pre K to K): I Can Build Uppercase Letter Kit
Blue (Pre K to K): Muscle Movers: Uppercase Gross Motor Cards
Blue (Pre K to K): I Can Write Uppercase Letters AND Magnetic Dry Erase Lettering Practice Board
Blue (Pre K to K):I Can Do Math Level 2, AND Max & Alphie’s Adventures Level 2
Green (K to 1st): I Can Build Lowercase Letters
Green (K to 1st):Muscle Movers: Lowercase Motor Cardswritemyownstories_zps883958b4
Green (K to 1st):I Can Write Lowercase Letters, AND I Can Write My Own Stories
Green (K to 1st):I Can Do Math Level 3, AND Max & Alphie’s Adventures Level 3
Purple (Age 7+ to 2nd Grade): I Can Write Cursive

Prices range from $5.99 to $29.99 depending upon the item. We received the Green (K to 1st):I Can Write Lowercase Letters ($5.99),  AND I Can Write My Own Stories ($5.99).

Fundanoodle books and kits are developed by occupational therapists who understand the development of fine-motor skills. The books are organized by ability which makes it simple to figure out which book to choose. On the website, there are extra practice sheets and activites that can be used in conjunction with the books. I knew this is what I needed to help my kids write better!

How We Used the Product:
RB exclusively used the I Can Write My Own Stories book. I LOVED the fact that the spiral binding was at the top! He is left handed, so I’m always a little concerned about how he’s holding the pencil and dealing with writing in books. When I told him he would be doing some new writing, he grrrooooaannneeeddd…..and complained. Then he saw the book and was intrigued. Ha-ha! He was hooked. He immediately took to Alphie and Max, the two little characters that motivate throughout the book.

This is the first writing book where RB actually turned the page and ASKED to do another writing activity!! As a former school teacher, I knew what the book was doing. It presents, in a non-threatening way, writing exercises such as, brainstorming, graphic organizers, writing lists, creative pictures, and story starters. The activities reflect interesting, kid-friendly topics. The only materials we needed were the book and a pencil with crayons (at times). We didn’t get bogged down in spelling, or handwriting, or proof reading. The book allowed for pure, uninterrupted creativity through writing.writelowercase_zpsadaca4dd

There were a few of the activities where RB balked because it meant he had to write a lot. When this happened, we used dictation instead of him writing the thoughts down himself. This allowed for less frustration and fun creativity.

I had BOTH children use the I Can Write Lowercase Letters book. They both need that practice right now. On each page, I split the practice between the two of them. Sweet Cheeks did the half of the practice that was closest to the letter examples. We would go over the simple directions in the corner if she needed help. RB wrote the letters on the other half of the page. He didn’t need as much help, but I knew he had some letters he was forming strangely. This practice helped me find those letters and help him more easily. Sweet Cheeks is still learning how to form letters, so this book was strong practice for her. (And I can tell you now, I will be ordering the writing book for her when she’s ready for it!)

Each book had a collection of stickers so that as the kids finished a page they placed the appropriate sticker at the bottom.

Fundadoodle Collage

What We Think:
RB: I liked the stories in the story book, but I didn’t like the handwriting so much.
Sweet Cheeks: I want the first grade book!!
Mama: I LOVE the price for the amount of practice and activities that are in each book!

Overall, these Fundanoodle books earn 5 pool noodles out of 5 pool noodles for homeschool friendliness!




Homeschool Review: Fundanoodle — 2 Comments

  1. Great review! Thank you so much for taking the time to try Fundanoodle. We’re so glad RB took the time to try the exercises and even asked to do more of them! Max and Alphie wish both of them the best of luck with their handwriting skills and want them to remember to practice, practice, practice!

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