Homeschool Review: In the Hands of a Child “Let’s Measure It!”

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We have reached the point that we L.O.V.E. lapbooks (or project packs)! And through the Review Crew I got to choose one from the following list from In the Hands of a Child.

Pond Life (K-2nd)
Under a Microscope (K-3rd)
Exploring Landforms (K-3rd) Also available with Type It In
Ships and Submarines (K-3rd)
Kitchen Science (K-3rd)handsofachildlogo_zps7221e2e2
Doctors and Nurses (K-3rd)
A Trip to the Library (K-3rd)
Let’s Measure It (K-3rd)
Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales (K-4th)
Strega Nona (1st-3rd)
Freedom & Equality: Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks (2nd-4th)
Words, Words, Words: Using a Dictionary & Thesaurus (2nd-5th)

All of these lapbooks are either $10 or $12 each. Right now you can get them for $5!! That is a great deal!

I chose Let’s Measure It! I needed to do some science and math with the kids, so this allowed me to do both at one time. (Two birds…two stones.)

About the Product:measure1
I received  a digital product. So I read through the directions quickly and then printed out 2 copies of everything. The directions came with a section I could read to the children for informational purposes about measurement. It also included the order the activities were to be completed in and how to put the little books together. I glued two file folders together in proper lapbook style and we were ready to go. The organization of the book called for students to work on 2-3 sections per day making the lapbook take about 2 weeks to complete. My kids are younger (K and 1st) and I knew I would not be able to do that much at one time, especially with all of the cutting involved. But the product was easy enough to tailor to our needs. I had the children work on 1, maybe 2, sections at a time and the book was very “doable” for my young ones.

Along with the sections of the lapbook, there were also bonus activities included. We added in two of those and the kids really enjoyed the hands-on projects. Measurement is hands-on anyway, so the activities reinforced the concepts in the project pack.

measure2My Thoughts:
There is a lot of cutting involved, but there is with any lapbook. I usually try to have the kids cut out as much as they will and then I “help.” The project pack was easy enough to use that we could add extra things if we wanted to. For example, I thought we needed to add two other scales to the “instruments that measure weight” section. We added a doctor’s scale and a grocery scale. I printed out a few pictures and we glued them in. I also added a cover.

Some of the concepts covered in the project pack would be considered review objectives for my children. However, some were new objectives, such as the definition of units of measurement and what the units are for all type of measuring. Temperature was a new concept, so that was fun to explore.

One of the things I had a hard time with was figuring out which little section went where on the file folders. At the beginning, I allowed the kids to glue the section wherever they wanted, only to then realize that some of the sections weren’t going to fit as well in the days to come. I think a little “map” of sorts, or placement directions such as, “place at the top in the middle of the first folder” would be helpful. But other than that, I enjoyed the activities and the information that was taught.



What the Kids Think:
RB – “I learned how to measure how much water is in a pint.”
Sweet Cheeks – “I liked making all of the books and pouring water in the pints. I liked measuring with the balance scale. The heavier side goes down.”

Overall, the In the Hands of a Child “Let’s Measure It” project pack earns 5 rulers out of 5 rulers for homeschool friendliness!




Homeschool Review: In the Hands of a Child “Let’s Measure It!” — 3 Comments

  1. We loved In The Hand’s of a Child’s lapbooks. You can always add an extra “page” to the lapbook to make room for things that don’t fit.