Homeschool Review: KinderBach Online Piano Membership

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Kinderbach Review

I played the piano for many years. I’ve become pretty rusty since I haven’t practiced much, but I attempted last year to begin teaching the children how to play. Things went well for about a week. When TOS offered KinderBach to review, I was quite excited!

BooksKinderbachI received  six month trial of The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner. It is an online piano curriculum for children ages 3-7. Karri Gregor, the Presenter and CEO, has produced videos which teach simple step-by-step objectives for playing the piano. Along with the videos, there is a Teacher’s Corner where parents, or group piano teachers, can download lesson plans, a teacher aids book, student books, and MP3’s of all the songs. She also has ipad and iphone apps that can be used. On the website, there are samples of each of these. The online Membership is $95.88 per year at the publishing of this review.

How We Used the Product:

My 5 year old daughter jumped right in to try the piano lessons out! All three of my children (6, 5, and 2) have been watching the videos and doing the activities. Even though I have taught them some piano objectives like beginning theory and rhythms, I had the kids start with Week 1. Each week is comprised of at least 4 daily sessions. The videos last between 4 to 10 minutes. All of the kids would gather around my laptop and we would watch the videos together. Because we started the lessons before I found the student book download, I used the simple “print” option that exists with each individual video. Instead of having 1 entire book printed, I printed a few sheets at a time, which worked out just fine.


As we watched the weekly Introduction video, I would make sure we had the materials we needed. Mainly rhythm instruments, crayons, and the worksheets. Our keyboard was just outside the office door, so when Gregor directed the children to go play a song, the kids would hop up and we’d turn the volume WAAY up and jam on the piano and sing along.

It was great fun!

The weeks are set up with 4 sessions per week, but my kids became so enthusiastic that many times we would complete an entire week of sessions in 1 day. As of this review we are on Week 13, even though we’ve only worked on the lessons for about 5 weeks.


Some of the activities appealed to my kids, others didn’t. When I knew they understood a concept I didn’t bother with printing the worksheets out. We just moved on. The curriculum has the practice sheets, but the Teacher Corner also includes games, puzzles, flash cards, and sheet music. During these lessons the kids have been introduced to the piano layout, types of sounds, beat, beginning note symbols, beginning vocabulary, and music time. They have been glued to the screen and interacted well with the questions when asked and followed directions for the most part. {Instruments are “hard” to keep quiet!}

In Our Own Words:

RB: It was OK, but I didn’t like the voice that said, “Dude.”
Sweet Cheeks: I want to do more instruments! I really like the Beat Bugs!
Mom: I think I enjoyed this as much as the kids, but I do think some of the objectives were dragged out too long. My older kids (6 and 5) were ready to move on and didn’t really listen to all of the little songs. The videos are well done and we will continue on with the lessons after this review period. My 2 year old asks all the time to play “Dido”.


I would say that KinderBach is aimed at very young kids and those with absolutely no music experience. The videos are fun to watch, the music is catchy, and it incorporates hands-on learning activities which young children need.

Overall, KinderBach earns 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool friendliness!

5 aliens

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