Homeschool Review: Motivated Moms Ebook ~ Chore Planning System

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Readers, I’m about to get “real” personal. I’m showing you pictures of my house. Not nice pretty ones, but honest to goodness, lovely, messy ones. Housekeeping is not one of my strong skills. I am hoping that the Motivated Moms Ebook is going to help.

Motivated Moms

The creators of Motivated Moms designed a year long chore system which helps moms, like me, to have an organized and clean house without spending hours a day cleaning. This system started out as a physical book, but is now in an online printable chore chart ($8.00) and available as an app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Android (99¢ per month or a year for $7.99). motivatedmomsapp_zps04ac7bcdYou can also find Motivated Moms on Facebook and Twitter.

There are sixteen Ebooks to choose from. I chose the 2014 Motivated Moms Chore Planner with Scheduled Bible Reading {Black and White}. I had grandiose visions of me reading the scriptures first thing in the morning before doing a few of the chores before breakfast.

In the version I chose, there are 2 weeks of chores per page. For one week, there are two columns. In the left column are daily chores and scripture to read. On the right, is the list of specific chores to do each day that should be completed either once a week, every few weeks, once a month, or once a year. {You get the idea.} Each chore has a box beside it so it can be checked off once completed. There are a few empty lines so extra chores that need to be done for your specific home can be added. And may I add…I love check lists!


How We Used the Product:

I printed out 6 pages of chores, which is 12 weeks. I’ve only used 6 of them during the review period. I started out all excited about this! I was going to get everything checked off and be done by the time my husband got home  for dinner. Um…didn’t happen. Reality set in. I have to homeschool, take care of 3 children, do church activities, etc…AND do chores. The first day I became a little overwhelmed. Then I tried something different on day 2…

I got the kids to help. OH that helped me out so much!! They could do their individual chores like make their beds. But then I added “change the hand towels.” They thought that was fun. I also taught my son how to change the air filter. I hadn’t ever thought about teaching him that. But now he can do it!

The first week went pretty good. Then I hit the week when I was supposed to clean the oven…

motivated moms

Um, yeah. I don’t know how to clean my oven. I still don’t. I’m a little bit intimidated. BUT I will eventually learn how to because I am not allowed to check it off until I actually DO it! So if I want to get it checked, then I am going to have to learn.

If you noticed in the picture above, there are a few days where there are no check marks. Those were days when nothing much happened at home. Those were probably co-op days and other days where I ran errands. I did not allow myself to get upset if I didn’t get items completed. Life happens. So what I tried to do was be productive on the WEEKENDS while my husband was home. In fact, I got him in on it. {He loves check lists, too!!} So on Saturdays we would all work together  to get as many check marks of the week completed. {I wish I had a picture of my husband cleaning the ceiling fans!!}

I did not read the scriptures, although I sure do hope to one day. The verses are set up to where you will read the entire Bible within the year. but I’m already in the middle of two Bible studies, so I chose to not read those at this time. It was too much right now.

I don’t think I have given this chore system a good work out yet. I’m going to keep with it and see if I can begin seeing a difference in my housework. I will say, I now have clean ceiling fans, changed air filters, and we are in the middle of cleaning out bookshelves and desks, which we haven’t done in quite a while. I am motivated to do better. I think my house has been ignored for so long that it is going to take a few months to get into a rhythm.

And while I’m still needing some help…


I am seeing improvements. And that’s what matters!!

motivated moms


If you decide to buy this product, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get everything completed that first day, or week. It’s a lot of stuff, but the more you go through the weeks, the easier the cleaning gets because the house isn’t as dirty. {Does that make sense?} If you are constantly doing simple chores on a regular basis, then time doesn’t collect as dust on top of everything.

Overall, Motivated Moms earns 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool MOM friendliness!

5 aliens

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Homeschool Review: Motivated Moms Ebook ~ Chore Planning System — 2 Comments

  1. I couldnt imagine using a checklist for chores. It’s right up there with meal planners that tell me what i’m supposed to eat all week for all 3 meals. There are 8 people in this house and a 2yr old that I babysit from 9-5pm, I get my chores done at night or in the morning .. After 25 yrs it becomes a habit and you get used to doing the same things over and over. I spring clean and declutter every 3 months. Minimalism. #1 rule is that people have too much “STUFF”. Especially that one piece of paper for the church class that you’re afraid you’ll never find again (times 20) LOL. Bottom line is , I do my dirty work in the mornings and evenings so that i can spend time hiking, playing outside and doing things that are fun. Kids dont remember clean houses, they remember the time you spend with them.! (my oldest are 15&20)

    • Thank you for your comment. Everyone finds what works for them. Even using a checklist, the house will never be spotless. And I find that as my family works together, we’re creating memories too. Families are great!!

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