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  • Tips and retrospectives that help you improve your teaching skills.

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Has this ever happened to you? You are in the middle of teaching addition facts and it seems like your child is having a problem using different strategies. Or maybe you have decided to change curriculum mid-way through the year and you have no idea where to begin. Perhaps you have noticed that you are lacking in certain subjects, such as art or music. Or maybe your children are zooming through your plans and you are running out of stuff to do!

Instead of banging your head against the wall, I’d like to introduce to you which is a division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Here is what claims to be:

Do you want to make home education F-U-N and ENGAGING for your children, and readily accessible for you?  Are you looking for curriculum to fit individual learning styles or grade levels? With over 25 different “school” subjects presented via teaching videos, ongoing lesson plans, worksheets, lapbooks & unit studies, writing prompts and other assignments to choose from, students can additionally  interact personally with the teachers by asking them questions and gaining feedback.

I decided to see if this website really was ALL of this. So I “surfed” around the site looking for things I could use with my kids. I wanted to give you links to the different pages, but there is a low cost for these resources. You pay by the month, with the first month being $1 and all subsequent months costing $5.95 each. That’s not a bad price for all of the resources you get AND you have new ones added each month!

The website caters to homeschool families with children of ages PreK through High School, with college guidance helps. So I started out in the PreK/Elementary section and went to the Lapbook page. The individual lapbooks are well thought out with a gob of information and great printables. Each month has four weeks of activities. I had to click on each month to see the topic of each lesson. It would be helpful if the website could list the topic along with the month on the main page, but other than that, the topics are varied and seem quite interesting.

I then went to the Elementary Math pagePeter Price is an Australian educator with a PhD in Mathematics. In this section Price uses short video clips to walk you through mathematical concepts and how to teach them to your kids. AND at the end of each lesson there are printable worksheets to enforce what you have just taught. He teaches mathematically sound objectives using visual and hands on strategies. If I had older children, they would be able to sit and watch the videos themselves and then do the practice. But my kids are young. Rb has been working on counting by 2’s and adding on 2 so I searched through the months and found a video on using the number line and ten frame for Counting on 2. I had not used the ten frame strategy, so I printed out some of the worksheets and made my own large versions of the ten frames. The kids used teddy bear counters and the lesson went well. We ended up “acting out” all of the practice on the worksheets instead of writing the answers down, but my 3 year old was able to do this activity with her brother and they both understood the objective. Success!

Counting the total for 8 + 2

Counting the total for 8 + 2

I have not been teaching much history to my children, mainly because I want to focus more on Biblical principles, but when I begin I plan on using many of the resources found in the Classical History section. For each era of history, there is information, further reading ideas, activities, videos, and how to expand the objectives for older students. It looks fascinating!

There were other pages I liked including: Reading Lists for different topics, FREE e-books as a reward for the number of days you have been a member of the website, and then I found the Teacher Archives which allowed me to see at a glance every topic and lesson that had been placed on the website each month. THIS was the gold mine page for me!!

spanel-subjectsBut there is one more thing I am SUPER excited about! The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has another division called The Old Schoolhouse EXPO. This is like going to a Homeschool Convention in your home. There are videos you can watch, but I downloaded almost 18 hours of MP3s and plan on listening to them as I walk and exercise. The subjects include home economics, art history, strengthening marriages and families, science, and advice and encouragement for homeschool families. I’d better get walking!!

Except for a few organizational things that I would do differently, I think Schoolhouse is really the REAL thing. There are so many resources for art, science, high school, foreign languages, etc that you could either use the activities to supplement what you are doing, or use this site AS your entire curriculum. I encourage you to check out the website and see how it can help you enrich your homeschool experience!

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Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


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