Homeschool Review: Seed Sowers

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I have had the opportunity to review a book that needs to be in every church library and read by all Christian families. Seed Sowers: Gospel-Planting Adventures ($13.95-softcover; $30.95-hardcover; $3.99-kindle) by Gwen Toliver is a collection of short stories from the mission field. Gwen was blessed to have time to interview and listen to these wonderful people of faith tell their God-adventure stories, and she wrote them down in this book so we could be blessed by their experiences as well.seedsowers_zpsfab02814 This is a great book to use as a family read-aloud, as we did; or it is for 6th graders and older if reading on their own.

How We Used the Product:
We aren’t as consistent as I’d like to be, but most evenings a week before the kids go to bed, the whole family gathers in the living room for Bible Time. My husband reads one chapter from the Bible and then we discuss it some, answer any questions the kids might have and then pray as a family. When I received this book, I added it to our Bible Time. We read about one missionary a night. We discussed where in the world the missionary was located. We answered questions the children had, ie What is a cannibal? And most importantly we discussed how God was BIG for these missionaries and how dedicated to the Word of God they were/are. All of these missionaries have been Bible translators with Wycliffe Associates. They have quite the adventures!!

There were many evenings when I sat and read through tears. The power of God takes my breath away, and I am finding a renewal of my passion for sharing the gospel. There is one story titled, “The Whistling Man.” I found myself so moved and beyond heart broken as I read that story. To hear of such reverence for the Word of God convicted me of how little I value my Bible. I have 15-20 Bibles on shelves around my home, while there are others in parts of this world who would give their last coins to have one small section of the scriptures in their own language.

Rogercrossingvinebridge_zpse18f5088After we had read only a few of the stories, I flipped to the back and saw that Gwen has a website for Seed Sowers: The Book. We went and checked it out. She has pictures of the missionaries in the field AND an example from “The Whistling Man” that we could listen to. So as we read some of the stories, we were able to find a picture that went with it.

What We Think:
Sweet Cheeks – “The saddest thing was when they went to the market and the girl ran to the church to learn about Jesus and then she went home and her mom beat her.”
The Husband – “I’d love to have more information in the book about the people. Not that anything is lacking, but I want MORE. More data. I’m hungry for more information about the missionaries.”

Overall, the Seed Sowers: Gospel-Planting Adventures earns 5 seeds out of 5 seeds for homeschool (and Church library) friendliness!




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