I Declare War on Mac & Cheese

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I’m not the greatest cook. I’m just not. I love to host parties and have people over. But I usually do covered dish dinner type events, or I pull from my vault of 2-3 meals that I actually do cook well when I have guests over.

But I don’t do that for my kids. They don’t seem to like food anyway unless it’s breaded chicken, squished apples, yellow pasta, or candy.

Hence my war with Mac & Cheese. Or to be more precise…my war with the BOX of KRAFT Mac & Cheese. I don’t seem to have this problem with the store brand of Mac & Cheese. Only with KRAFT Mac & Cheese. I decided to make Mac & Cheese for dinner. I knew the kids would eat it and it’s an easy meal on a Wednesday night.

I think the company is out to get me. I mean, they even put nice perforated lines on the box to tell me where to put my thumb so I can pull up the cardboard and open the box. That is so nice of them! And then they laugh behind their smiles knowing that I CANNOT punch my thumb through the cardboard! I mean, people, I have broken a nail trying to open a box.

So I resorted to the “pull the top part off and separate the two sections of cardboard” technique. Only this time the cardboard decided to split.

So then I stuck my thumb very carefully into this little tiny hole that is on the side of the box. I proceeded to pull slowly across the top, thus separating the flaps from each other.

Finally! Success! This is good. There are times when I have to pick up a knife to cut open the box.

It should not be this hard and messy to open up a Mac & Cheese box. If the perforated line machine would just push a little bit harder into the cardboard all would be well. Until then, I guess I must resort to playing Thumb War more often so I can build up some much needed strength.


I Declare War on Mac & Cheese — 7 Comments

  1. I will give you my recipe for real Mac and cheese….so easy and so good….lol
    ….this is funny…and your roast at Christmas party was wonderful….also congratulations on blog 200….

  2. You know a much easier (and healthier) way to do mac and cheese? I just prepare elbow macaroni, shred a bunch of sharp cheddar, and stir the cheddar into the hot macaroni right after I drain it until melted! My kids like to crush saltines on top too! It’s a simplified version of the baked mac and cheese I do. We usually end up with this quick version these days! 🙂

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