It’s My Anniversary!!!

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My husband and I after the wedding in 1999.

YEA!! I’ve been married 13 years today! How awesome is that?!?

Marriage is one of the HARDEST and most WONDERFUL things a person can ever commit to! I highly recommend it…

…But only if it’s done God’s way.

After all, He invented it. I’m thinking maybe we should follow His rules for it.

I find it sad when people try to make up their own rules about marriage, such as co-habitation, adultery, homosexuality, and pre-marital sex. I think of all the wonderful things they miss out on because they are taking their own road instead of God’s narrow road. But even so, God is a God of forgiveness and in His way is able to form purity when sinfulness is placed into His hands.

My marriage is not perfect because two imperfect people are married to each other; however, through no cause of our own, we have been extremely blessed beyond measure. I’m not sure why God has chosen to shower my husband and I with the blessings that He has, but I do know that my man and I are really trying to have a marriage focused on Christ, and not on selfishness.


It’s a hard thing to do.

It’s give and take. It’s surrendering of will.

It’s putting the other first when every fiber of one’s being wants to throw the frying pan at the other.

It’s a commitment.

It’s a choice.

It’s a perfect picture of my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

When my marriage is rocky, I can’t blame my husband. I have to ask God to reveal what in ME needs to change.


I highly recommend it!

…now go hug your spouse!


It’s My Anniversary!!! — 10 Comments

  1. Happy 13th……our 13 was very special, seems like so long ago ….time flies enjoy everyday you have with each other…we never know how many of those precious years God has written in his book for us to be together……on earth……love u….

  2. “a surrendering of will…” Not a truer word has ever been spoken. Happy Anniversary. May God bless you for many, many years to come. Lovely post. Sandy

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