May I Encourage You? – God Loves You More Than the Birds

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“Mama!! We found a dead bird!”

Yep. They sure had. It was right at the edge of the wall of the garage under the window. Obviously the little thing had flown right into the window and had died on impact.

And I’ll be honest. I think the body is still there. I had all intentions of getting a shovel to bury the poor thing. Then I asked my husband to please do it. Then we discussed just getting a shovel and tossing the carcass into the woods. And like I said…I think the body is still there.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t treat us like that?

He knows when each and every sparrow falls.

And He knows when you are having a rough day, when life has thrown darts at you, or when you run smack into a window.

If you ran into a window today, shake the dazed look off your face, put on a smile, and thank God for loving you more than the birds. Jesus died for you…not the birds.

Be encouraged…and share it with someone else. 🙂


May I Encourage You? – God Loves You More Than the Birds — 4 Comments

  1. Loved this! It was a message I needed to hear right now while trying to recuperate from my surgery. Some days are so hard and painful. Keep up the good work of your blog!

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