May I Encourage You? – The Pink Ladies

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I love my church family! I also love the local church body of which I am a part. I have been so blessed by the people there. But recently I have been given three friends who are most precious to me.

I call us “The Pink Ladies.” One of our Awana workers called us that the other night and it has stuck.

These are ladies I pray with, cry with, laugh with. These are ladies who challenge me. I am challenged in my walk with the Lord. I am challenged to love people more. I am challenged to be more righteous. In the end, my friendship with these three have caused me to be a better person. A better Christian. I see Jesus live through them, and I want what they have.

We have a great team for ministry. I am so grateful that a certain “Pink Lady” didn’t give up on me when I flat out refused to be a part of Awana three years ago. I am so grateful to my “Barnabas” who encourages me, yet tells me like it is when I need to hear the Truth. I am so grateful for a “Sweet Servant” who offered, in humbleness, to help wherever she might be needed.

I am so blessed by each of them.

And I bet you have been blessed by someone this week. Have you told them? Time on this earth is too short.

My “Sweet Servant” friend told me a few months ago that she had wanted to go tell a certain Sunday School teacher of hers from another church how much she meant to her. She had a card written and had planned on sending it, but kept forgetting about it. Then she found out that this wonderful lady of God had gone to be with Him. And her card still sat on the counter…

Oh, what a lesson for us.

Who do you need to speak to? Who needs encouragement? Who needs a blessing from you today? Go do it.


May I Encourage You? – The Pink Ladies — 2 Comments

  1. Church family is a precious gift. I love my biological family but sometimes I have more in common with my friends at church. I am glad that you are blessed to have the joys of close Christian friends. They make all the difference! Sandy

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