My Silly Family: Memories of a Chair

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The family and I moved around some furniture the other evening. One of the items we moved was my glider rocking chair.

I love my chair!

When Sweet Cheeks was REALLY young, I took a picture of her with her brother on this rocking chair. It was a momentous occasion because this “sitting on the chair together” had been initiated by RB. Up to this point he had wanted very little to do with his little sister. But he wanted to sit and rock with her.

He even held her hand!

These pictures have always made me laugh because they show so well how large Sweet Cheek’s head was! It was so big! (Perhaps this is a sign of a future genius???) It was so hard to find shirts that would fit over her head! And at this point she still could not sit up on her own. Too funny!

So the other night when we were moving the chair, I asked the kids to get in the chair. Naturally, I grabbed the camera.

Look at how much they have grown!!!

They have so much fun with each other and are good friends.

I love my kids!

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My Silly Family: Memories of a Chair — 2 Comments

  1. It’s so hard for me to believe I knew Sweet Cheeks when she was born… and now look how old she is! It’s crazy! 🙂 She’s adorable, though! I love that last picture. That’s the real Sweet Cheeks, that is! 😉

  2. Love the chair pictures. Yes, the children have really grown. Sweet Cheeks has your hair for sure. RB still has that inquisitive look. One day hopefully I can see them in person. Take care, Aunt Margaret

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