Preschool Art: Primary and Secondary Colors

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Here was our art project for this week. This came from Mrs. Brown’s website.

On day 1, the kids traced their hands using oil pastels in the colors of red, blue, or yellow.

We talked about how these were the three primary colors and how every other color of the rainbow is made by these. They overlapped their hands and “covered” their papers.

Then they colored in the shapes made by the hands using the primary colors.

On day 2, I had the kids paint the background (any white space) with the secondary colors. We discussed how each was made and they watched as I made purple.

** After finishing the project and working on this blog post, I realized that the kids were supposed to choose ONE secondary color to paint the background. You can see examples of what the art SHOULD look like HERE.

But I think the kids did well. We had fun…and that’s important!

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