Public Education vs. Homeschooling – Why the fight???

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As I’m walking down this path of homeschooling, I am learning more and more that there are “flavors” of homeschool philosophies. There are parents who unschool. There are parents who use public school online courses instead of the traditional classroom. (Which, I’ve since learned, is not REAL homeschooling.) There are parents who use the Montessori philosophy in their homeschool. There are dads who homeschool and moms who go to a money providing job. There are parents who are strictly “Bob Jones” in philosophy and curriculum. There are families that are eclectic. There are families who homeschool who have no Christian worldview.

I think there are as many ways to homeschool as there are families because no one family is alike. How about THAT for diversity?

I have no judgements against any family that chooses a different homeschool philosophy than me. In fact, I hope another family WOULD NOT homeschool the same way I do, because it probably wouldn’t fit the needs of the kids.

But I also have no judgements toward families who choose to use public school.

[I think a whole bunch of homeschool moms just sucked in their breath!]

Is there a problem with the nation’s educational system? No question.

Are there worldviews being taught that go against the Christian grain of philosophy? Absolutely.

Should “bad” teachers be replaced and “good” teachers rewarded? I think teachers overall need a pay increase!

I’ll tell you what the key to raising kids with a Christian worldview is: PARENTS.

It doesn’t matter which way kids are educated if parents, who love the Lord and have dedicated their lives to Jesus, are VERY involved with their children’s education. Now I do have a problem with Christian parents who drop their kids off at school and then are absent from their kids’ lives. No wonder they pick up all kinds of junk! But as a former Christian school educator, unfortunately, kids can pick up junk in private Christian school as well. Parents MUST be active in their kids’ education. Period.

Do public schools need Christian teachers? Absolutely!

Do public schools need Christian parents in the PTO? Definitely!

Do public schools need Christian parents holding them accountable for the curriculum they teach? YES!

Do Christians need to run for School Board positions? Please do!!

My brothers and sisters in Christ who choose to have their kids in public school need PRAYERS, not judgmental attitudes. But I will say that I’d like to have some nonjudgmental attitudes come my way from the NEA and from some other public school teachers I’ve run into.

What are your thoughts on the battle between public education and homeschooling?



Public Education vs. Homeschooling – Why the fight??? — 13 Comments

  1. I have one child who goes to a co-op school where he homeschools 2 days a week and attends private Christian school on the other 3 days. I also have twins who attend public school and love it. I have done full time homeschool as well. And I agree, each family has to find what works for them. And the parents are the true influences in their kid’s lives. There are those my older child attends school with who are less than godly and those in my twin’s public school who are fine Christians. You will meet both types on both sides. Our responsibility is not to keep our kids from the “bad people”. It’s to help them develop into the person God wants so they can minister to the “bad people”. Thanks for posting this…each parent simply needs to be where God calls them to be. Each side has benefits:)

    • I agree with Lori about not being able to keep kids away from “bad kids”. I’m most excited about the fact that I can teach him the Christian response to wrongdoing as it pops up instead of discussing it with him after the fact. If something happens on the playground and there is no authority figure to help them all walk through it as it happens, then they aren’t really learning how to deal with each other anyway. Discussing what he “should have” done around, oh, dinnertime is probably one of the most ineffective ways I could imagine to teach all of them anything about responsible social interaction. (Because after all we are training them on how to get along as adults in the real world)

      As you mentioned in the original post, I am most concerned about finding the right method of teaching. I know for sure I am adding in bible-based “character” building but I don’t know how I’m going to do it all yet. I’m still in the planning phase. 🙂
      And I’m obviously reading as many intelligent blogs on the subject as possible!

  2. I home schooled my two sons, and while I think it was the best thing I could have done for them, I also know that homeschooling isn’t right for everyone. Thank you for this wise blog.

  3. My daughter began in a christian daycare/school that I worked at. She went from that to homeschooled to public school to homeschool to public school. Either way, I take it as mine and my husbands ultimate responsiblity to encourage her spiritual growth and we spend time talking about the best way to handle the non Christian worldviews she experiences everyday. I believe her early years were quite beneificial in preparing her for today. I believe that our daughter is meant to be a light in the public school. God has gifted her with a confidence to stand for what she believes in alot of ways. Other children have other gifts and may need to be homeschooled.
    I believe it is a choice for individual families based on a child’s personality, a parent’s skills, and the families needs. It would serve us all to remember that the first public schools were inspired by Martin Luther in order to teach children to read the Bible….not build a relationship with Christ. Before that, only the rich and clergy were educated. I know there are wonderful teachers in public school….and many who know they are called to be a light.

    • “It would serve us all to remember that the first public schools were inspired by Martin Luther in order to teach children to read the Bible….not build a relationship with Christ.” YES! But I do like the fact that I get to do both with my kids. And absolutely the home is where the discipling should take place. Even the church should be supplemental.

  4. As soon as I saw the subject line, I expected to read something that would make me feel so guilty about my kids being in Public School. I was so thankful for you words that I almost cried. The truth is that I have no choice but to work! My husband and I made decisions about money that put us into a lot of debt before our kids were born, and I also carry our insurance for our family because he works for himself. I cannot describe to you the pain I feel almost daily and the sacrifice it is for me to be away from my children 9-10 hours a day, and leave them in the hands of someone else when I want so much to be with them! I appreciate the support I felt from you when I read this. I absolutely am involved in my kids lives the rest of the time when I’m not at work and I go eat lunch with my daughter at school as often as I can. I also go on field trips and do all I possibly can with her. I am going to double my efforts and give extra prayer to making sure I am doing all I can to show my children Christ’s love and how to live for Him! Thank you for this !

Thoughts? Please share!