Publix Field Trip!

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We love field trips! Our Preschool Field Trip Co-op visited the local Publix this morning for a tour. It was fantastic!! The manager met us at the front and we started in the meat department. He had examples of different types of meat and talked about which animals the meat comes from. Then we moved to the warehouse and got to walk into the refrigerator and freezer. The box crusher was pretty exciting!

In the produce section we got to watch some pineapples be cut, cored, and peeled. Then the manager held up different fruits and veggies and the kids had to identify the item and tell if it was a fruit or a veggie. At the deli counter, the kids got to hold wrapped hunks of cheese and turkey meat. Over in at the bakery, the manager gave each child a ball of bread dough to feel and mush as he talked bout baking bread. At the end we got to watch a cake be decorated.

Each child received a treat bag; and then we all trooped over to the deli counter, ordered sandwiches for lunch, and went to the park to eat and play.

We had a phenomenal time! I highly recommend contacting your local grocery store to take your kids on a tour!!


Publix Field Trip! — 2 Comments

  1. And the manager is our own church member….he is so awesome..wish i could have gone with you guys….