Pursuing Godliness – Titus 2

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Materials: Bible, scrap paper or spiral notebook, colored pencils (optional)

1) Please read the following names of six well known women from recent history and think of one word that you think best describes that person’s character. You might want to jot down your words.

Princess Diana
Hillary Clinton
Corrie Ten Boon
Elizabeth Taylor
Harriet Tubman
Britney Spears

“Whether your description was favorable or unfavorable, the common feature is that all of them have a reputation. Though we never give it much thought, so do we. What are [you] known for? How would [your] family and friends portray [your] character?” (from Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney)

2) Please read Titus chapter 2.

3) If you would like to mark the key words and phrases in your Bible here is a list: speech/speak, sensible, deeds, word, God, and Jesus.

4) Now that you have read through the chapter and marked the key words, on your paper write a list of the behaviors of the 5 people groups that are mentioned. (Older Men, Older Women, Young Women, Young Men, and Bond Slaves)

Why are these groups supposed to have these behaviors? (Clue: put [ ] around the words so that)

5) Look at verses 4-5. How can we determine whether or not we are investing our lives in what is truly important?

6) Look at verses 11-14. What do these verses say about the gospel? What bearing does the gospel have on our pursuit of the virtues listed in verses 4-5?

“Our conduct has a direct influence on how people think about the gospel. The world doesn’t judge us by our theology; the world judges us by our behavior. People don’t necessarily want to know what we believe about the Bible. They want to see if what we believe makes a difference in our lives. Our actions either bring honor to God or misrepresent His truth…How sobering it is to realize that our behavior has the potential to discredit the gospel. But how exciting it is to think that we can actually commend the gospel!” (from Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney)

Conclusion: Christian women are to “adorn” the gospel, just as Elizabeth Taylor would adorn all of her jewels and beautiful clothes. That means we are to display something beautiful and attractive about Jesus all the time. We cannot enhance the gospel, for it is already perfect. But our goal every day should be to show a watching world the character traits that present the gospel as appealing, desirable, and worthy.

Homework for next week: Read 1 Timothy 1:1-17 and mark any key words that you see. (Key words: teach, faith, doctrine, godliness, money/riches/rich, any reference to the devil, any reference to prayer)

Prayer: Remember to pray for the women who are going through this study.

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Pursuing Godliness – Titus 2 — 2 Comments

  1. “But our goal every day should be to show a watching world the character traits that present the gospel as appealing, desirable, and worthy.”

    You hit the nail on the head……the world is watching…waiting…to see the “imperfect” christian show up and show out, so that they can feel better about themselves and their position. We all fall short, but we should “purpose in our hearts” not to do so publicly. When we fail WITHIN the church, other Christians may judge…..but genuine Christians will see the 4 fingers pointing back at themselves and know that they are imperfect as well. The “world” however…..not so much. Your one slip up could cause someone on the brink, to slip away……this is the reason we must absolutely purpose and strive towards the mark and the high calling that God has placed on our lives.

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