Rainbow Fish Activity

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Materials: large coffee filters, markers, and water. Then googly eyes, black paper, and aluminum foil.

Sweet Cheeks took HOURS to color her coffee filters. I tried to tell her to just roughly color, but she would have none of that.

RB got it. Roughly color the coffee filters… (Be sure to put something under the filter. The marker will bleed through.)

Sprinkle water droplets onto the coffee filters to blend the marker ink. You could use a spray bottle, but this was easy and fun. I put an old t-shirt under the filters to soak up the water.

We tried using a hair dryer to dry the filters, but they blew all over the place. It was easier to let the filters dry on the table. It didn’t take long.

Once they were dry, I cut a pattern of a fish out of card stock and used it to cut out the filter fish.

RB (aka Batman!) putting aluminum scales, googly eyes, and smiles on the fish.

Sweet Cheeks was STILL coloring…

The Rainbow Fish in the window. I had hoped to have blue saran wrap to put up as well for blue water, but I couldn’t find any at the store.

But I think the colors shine well. 🙂

Sweet Cheeks finally finished hers and decided to hang them on her bedroom door.


Rainbow Fish Activity — 6 Comments

  1. Absolutely beautiful….tell the kids they did a great job and so creative…… i love all the colors…