Review: WAR ROOM Resources from B&H Publishing Group

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I thought about saying one sentence to you and that’s it. I thought about being direct, honest, and in your face. But that isn’t how I roll.

I hope you know by now that I will give my honest opinion about a product. After all, what’s the purpose of blogging if I’m not honest?

So let me ask you a question…

War RoomHow’s your prayer life?

Hot? Cold? Somewhere in between?

If you haven’t seen the movie War Room yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. I will tell you no information about the story because my husband told me not to spoil it for him (or you!).

But I will tell you about some of the resources you can use afterwards when the movie lights you on fire. {Literally…well, maybe not.}

B&H Publishing Group is partnering with the movie, War Room, by bringing excellent materials that can help children through adults develop a rich prayer life.

These are the materials I received:

Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place ($12.99) – for ages 4-8. This is a charming picture book that is simple to read and has very cute, colorful pictures. The book traces Peter’s journey as he searches for the perfect place to pray. The story is good, but what I love is the end! There is a Parenting Connection that helps you lead a child through the “why” and “how” of praying. And there’s more! {I LOVE practical books!!} The book contains a Prayer Poster and four pages of stickers to help you train your child in the ways and habits of prayer.

War RoomPrayer Works ($12.99) – for ages 8-12. The kids and I are still working through this small devotional book. It’s fantastic! Each devotional is two pages and leads your kids through different age-appropriate topics of prayer. The topics cover: What is prayer? Why should I pray? Where do I pray? Is there a wrong way to pray? What should I pray for? and Does God really hear me? I read this out loud with my children and then we talk through the questions at the end. And then…we pray!

This Means War ($12.99) – for ages 13 plus. I don’t have teens, but this looks like an amazing way to help your child begin a prayer journal. In an age-appropriate manner, the book leads your teen through scripture and gives areas for writing out answers to questions, prayers, and answers to prayers.

War RoomFervent ($16.99) – by Priscilla Shirer. THIS book totally excited me! I am almost half way through it. It is practical and leads you through each step so by the end you should have a prayer strategy accomplished and, if you so choose, a prayer closet. It includes prayer cards in the back to write scriptures and prayers. It also lists scriptures you can use in pray. {Again, I LOVE practical books!!}

The Battle Plan for Prayer ($16.99) – by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. This book leads the reader through different aspects of prayer and helps build a foundation for strategic prayer strategies. The thing I love about this book is the appendix. There are multiple pages listing verse after verse that can be used as you pray for your spouse, children, the lost, and your city. It also gives directions for how to begin a prayer ministry and lists discussion questions for small groups that might read this book.

I highly recommend all of these products, but I would be remiss to tell you how they have effected me personally. I went to see the movie with two of my close friends. I expected the movie to be well made and highly Christian in content. It did not let me down. We laughed and cried…but I left the theater ready to fight for my family on my knees. Being a prayer warrior has always been for “other people” in my mind.


Every Christian is to be a Prayer Warrior with a capital P and W! I desire so much to be with my Lord on a daily basis, but I want to use my time with him wisely. All of these resources help me to do that with my kids and myself.

Psst….wanna see my prayer closet? Warning: the paint is scratched and I have stuff all over the shelves. But it’s OK because I am praying to the One who cleans the heart.

War Room 3My Recommendation:

Here is the one sentence I wanted to tell you – Go to the theater and see this movie. If you allow the Spirit to work, you will not be the same. Then get a few of the resources and get to praying and fighting on your knees…in your own closet.





Review: WAR ROOM Resources from B&H Publishing Group — 53 Comments

  1. Fervent, although I want them all, so any would be fine! Yes, I’ve seen the movie with my husband and teenage daughters. We all loved it and have encouraged everyone to see it!

  2. The Battle Plan for Prayer. I did see the movie… twice. I cannot express the huge impact it’s had. My husband is not a Christian; we’ve been married twenty years. More than once I’ve just wished for the marriage to be over. But God reminds me that my marriage is not just on a certificate – I am expected to work to make it better. While I have several wonderful sisters in Christ praying for my husband and our marriage, I ramped up my prayer after this movie. Three days later my husband is a new man. He has pledged to change, to be a better husband, to do all that he can to be the husband I deserve. And he got a video that teaches communication skills to couples to help us grow. So much more that I won’t share here. Powerful, powerful movie!

  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet but have read about it. We don’t normally go to movies, but this one will probably be the exception. All the books sound really good, but at this time with two tweens in the house,”This Means War” would be great. Thank you for a great giveaway.

    • You are most welcome! We don’t go to many movies either, but I am so glad I went to this one! πŸ™‚ In fact, I want to go see it again. LOL

  4. Battle Plan for Prayer. We saw the movie last night and were very impressed with the acting and overall quality of the movie, plus, of course, the awesome message! If our country would just sit up and take action NOW! But I need to take control of the one person I have control over. . . ME!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! I really don’t care which book. I have youngers, and teens that have seen the movie. I have! My kids want to see it again as well! If i am lucky enough to win one the others will go in my amazon (or local stores ) shopping cart. πŸ™‚

  6. This means War or The Battle Plan. I saw the movie. It was awesome! My family and I saw it together. It sparked some good conversation. We all loved Ms. Clara!

  7. Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place book would be my choice. I like to share my faith with our grandchildren.
    No…I have not been to the movie. We are in a very rural area so it takes time to get new movies here. Hopefully soon.

  8. I have yet to see the movie as it isn’t showing in our area yet (we are trying to get our local theater to bring it here!). I would enjoy any of the books, but I think Peter’s Perfect Prayer Place would be great for my children.

  9. My birthday is this week and seeing the movie is my gift! I would like the Battle Plan or This Means War. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. This Means War is the one I would like to win. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I had tickets but we were not able to make it. I was disappointed to say the least.

  11. I would love to read all of these but I think Fervent is the one is like most. I haven’t had a chance to see War Room yet. Hoping to soon.

  12. I am excited about seeing this movie and teaching my kids about prayer. God is really working in our family’s lives right now and putting lots of things in godly order and this would be awesome. I would love Pete’s Perfect Prayer Place.

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