Review: WiseDecor Wall Lettering

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I’m not a great home decorator. It’s not something I spend a lot of time on. In fact, I’d be ok if I could decorate my house with books…everywhere. I love words. If you’ve been around FFS for any length of time, you know how I love to pick apart scripture and learn what God wants us to know.

wall stickersDid you know you can hang scripture on the wall? Not in frames, but as in a HUGE sticker? I had never really seen this before, but the girls and I through the Family Discipleship Facebook group had an opportunity to review such a product!

WiseDecor Wall Lettering allowed each of us to choose one wall word set to review. Excitedly, I began to look at my walls and figure out where I could put one.

WiseDecorI found nothing. My walls do not seem to work for such things.

Since FFS is focused on children and different types of children’s ministry, I contacted the Nursery Director at my church and said, “Hey! Wanna wall sticker for the nursery?” {Much excitement ensued!}

We both began to look through the possibilities.

Online at we found all kinds of wall words and links to help. There is an idea gallery, you can request color swatches, you can even create your own wall lettering quote!

designimager3.phpWe went to the Kid’s Bible Verses section and found Deuteronomy 7:6 ($71.63, includes shipping). We thought it was perfect, we picked our colors, and we found a great wall in the nursery to use. It would be 18 inches wide and the colors, chocolate brown and burgundy.

I sent in our order and it was here in a few days. VERY quick! In the box I received the words I ordered, and a small extra one. Evidently I had ordered on a Wednesday so I received a free wall word! Also included was a directions page and a small plastic squeegee.

I practiced following the directions by putting up the small wall word in my home. I found a nice place for it! What do you think?

wall art1wall art 2The one for the nursery was a large wall word set and the directions recommended to have a second person help. So I enlisted my awesome husband to help me put it up on the nursery wall. {With some additional help from my sweet pastor’s wife!}

We measured on the wall, used the level, taped it on the wall, and rubbed the words onto the wall. It was so easy! We moved slow when it was time to peel and measuring took a few minutes. Overall, I think the entire sticking process took us 20 minutes. As we peeled off the front part of the words, each letter stuck to the wall. If we came to a letter where it wasn’t *quite* stuck enough, we would back off and re-press with the squeegee. I think it looks great!!

wall art 3.2wall art 4wall art 5.2I can’t wait to hear what the nursery workers say about the wall on Sunday! The directions come with instructions for removing the letters from the wall as well. I don’t think we’ll be doing that any time soon though!

Overall, these wall words from WiseDecor Wall Lettering earn 5 aliens out of 5 aliens for Family Home Decor Friendliness!

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