Scope and Sequence 2013

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Every teacher needs a scope and sequence, or a plan, for the year. I run my year from January to December instead of the normal August to June. I also do year-round schooling which is great because we can take a day or week off whenever we want and it doesn’t disrupt anything. DSCN1672

We are beginning our 3rd year of homeschooling with this being the first “official” year in a Homeschool Association.

Here is the plan for 2013:

RB’s Plan (kindergarten) –
Grade 1 Saxon Math
A Reason for Spelling (about 2 weeks per spelling list),
Abeka Grade 1 Reading
Reading Comprehension and Writing: My Father’s World Bible Reader with journal
A Reason for Handwriting Book A
Positive Action First Grade (Bible)
Awana (Bible)
Spanish: Sing Song Spanish
Art/Music: Whatever seems to fit with other subjects
Science: (Apologia and Classical Education as a base with LOTS of books from the library)  Focus on – Animals (Birds, Invertebrates, Amphibians); Earth Science (including weather); Astronomy
Social Studies: State Geography and local/state history

Sweet Cheek’s Plan (K-4) –
Kindergarten Saxon Math
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Saxon Kindergarten Readers
Abeka Kindergarten Readers
Positive Action Kindergarten (Bible)
Awana (Bible)
Spanish: Sing Song Spanish
Science/Social Studies: Whatever big brother is doing
Handwriting: Random

I try to do a Bible devotional and scripture reading every morning.

I also do a calendar time with them. You can see what I do for that HERE.

I really do an eclectic sort of homeschooling. But I do base my objectives on the Core Knowledge series and loosely on the classical plan of The Well-Trained Mind. It’s worked for us so far. We take a field trip once a month with friends to experience life around our local community. We go to the library once a week and then have lunch with Grandma. I enjoy the calmness of life that accompanies our schooling style!


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