Simple Preschool and Elementary Christmas Bible Lessons

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Christmas Bible Lessons

Merry Christmas! If you are like me, and in Children’s Ministry of some sort, you have counted the number of lessons you need to teach during the month of December. Setting homeschool lessons aside, I have three Bible lessons left, with the third one being a rather large and important Christmas message for all of the Awana children before we break for Christmas.

I will eventually get those lessons posted for you, but in the mean time, I have rounded up all of the Christmas lessons I have done so far and put them in one place. All of these are simple preschool and elementary Christmas Bible lessons which I executed successfully with my church kids.

I can’t wait to share my third December lesson with you!! I am excited about it, BUT it will be 3 weeks before I teach it. You’ll have to wait! In the mean time, enjoy these! The first three lessons teach the WHAT and HOW of Christmas. The next two are good meaty lessons to teach the WHY of Christmas. The last lesson uses a Christmas gift as the object. Have fun!

Jesus' Birth


Christmas Story

Years of Silence, Then the Messiah Comes! (The Gospels) {*Gospel Presentation*}

Old Testament Review

The fall2


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