Simple Summer Science and Math

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Alright. It’s summer. But we homeschool year-round. I’ve been having a hard time focusing on any school, let alone science. (and I’ll throw in math too!) So I decided I would give myself a break from the formal school plan for the next few weeks while we get our traveling, soccer practice, and swimming finished for the summer.

I’m all about E.A.S.Y! I love unit studies for science. In fact we are in the middle of astronomy right now. But life has been crazy! And using library books is easy. So instead of formal science/math lessons, the other day I found all the books I could from three specific series. I think they are wonderful! And some of these we have read numerous times. And the kids learn more and more after each reading.

LET’S READ AND FIND OUT SCIENCE: This is one of my all time favorite science series. It is not from a Biblical worldview, so we talk about the “millions of years” at times. But the books are well written.

These are the ones we have checked out right now. They come in two levels: LEVEL ONE and LEVEL TWO.

lets read and find out science

GAIL GIBBONS: I am amazed by the quantity and quality of her books. And the artwork is always wonderful. (Again, “millions of years” issues, but I handle it.)

These are the ones we have checked out right now.


MATHSTART by Stuart J. Murphy: These books are so fun! And they show the practicality behind math objectives on a kid’s level.

These are the books we have checked out right now. They come in THREE LEVELS.

stuart j. murphy

I love books. I plan on printing out the lists from the previous websites and using them as a resource to be sure we read them all!!

Do you have a favorite science or math book series?


Simple Summer Science and Math — 12 Comments

  1. I love this way of doin science! Have you checkd out the Tiner series? they are probably too old for your kiddos still, but you’ll love them! : )

  2. I kind of miss doing school over the summer. Now that my guys are bigger they are very activity in summer community service projects through our local Camp Fire council. They are learning and serving but I miss those quite summer moments.

  3. My kids love the library. We just went today. I have been letting them choose non-educational titles lately because we have been doing more “school” than usual this summer. Love your ideas.

  4. I love using the library for some relaxed but educational and fun reading about science topics! Thanks for some new ideas!

  5. I am not a very hands on science person and these books would help out a great deal! Will definitely check out which books our library has in stock next week. Great article 🙂

  6. We school during the summer (math and reading) but take time to enjoy the short summer months too with a more relaxed schedule than usual! Enjoy the time!

  7. Thanks for posting this!! I get out of the loop sometimes having older kids then a much younger kid. These books look like a lot of fun!