Smile! It’s Friday ~ Allume Style!

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So I went to the blogger’s conference called Allume a few weeks ago. And, for me at least, what was supposed to be a Blogger’s Conference, turned into church and worship. God showed up in mighty ways and I am still processing all of the Truths revealed to me.

One of my most favorite parts of the conference was the worship service on Saturday evening. My table mates and I had noticed the appearance of easels all around the room. We were curious.

We finished up dinner, and I don’t remember if the keynote speaker was next, but eventually the worship leader and the band came on the stage. Joining them were 8 local Christian painters. And what I was about to experience still brings a smile of amazement to my face!

Allume worshipThe entire room broke out in praise for the God of the universe. Some in song, some in movement, and some with paint.


DSC_0050The artists had prayed over their paintings for months, I hear. And while the worship leader led the music, the artists painted the visions the Lord gave them.

DSC_0051So as they painted, the rest of us worshiped. There is something about being in a large room of women singing, praising, and loving Jesus! A little bit of heaven, perhaps?




Eventually some of us joined the painters. On the tables were paints, colored pencils and small cards for us to use.



DSC_0059It was great to look around and observe the worship of others. Here is my creation, my message, from my Lord to me. I feel like this was what God had been trying to tell me all weekend. No, that’s not right. This is what the Lord has been trying to tell me for weeks! Have you ever joked around saying that there are times when we just need God to give us a post-it note from heaven? I got one!


The painters finished up as the band finished playing.








Each painting was given to one woman in the audience. When the new owner of the painting went to claim it, she was to ask the artist for the story behind the painting. I don’t know the stories, but I do know that the woman who “won” the painting of the arrow started to cry as soon as she saw the picture. She knew the message God wanted her to know through that arrow. Isn’t He amazing?!?

And so the weekend of Allume came to an end. Some ladies hung around afterwards and visited, some went to pack suitcases. I eventually drove home to my normal everyday life.

The next day I was helping my daughter clean off her walls of art. I came across this:


It may not be a professional artist’s rendering of my family, but it brings tears to my eyes because it is beautiful. Each person has a smile and we are picking apples.

I may still be processing all of the messages God sent my way during the amazing weekend of Allume, but there is one Truth I now have prominently in my mind: I do not need to be afraid for my family. I CAN be strong and courageous because God has my family in the palm of His hands.

And He is good.


Smile! It’s Friday ~ Allume Style! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing the story of the person with the arrow painting. I won a painting with a feather and cried when I saw it as well because of its meaning. Just love hearing what God did that night and through the weekend.

  2. That was one of my favorite parts too! I didn’t expect there to be ‘prophetic art’ there and was so blessed to see it included and to watch how the Lord moved through it! I am just starting to claim the title of Writer and He has been pulling me into Artist as well… so I’ve been doing prophetic art for about a year or two now and I rarely get to be some place where it is actually happening during service. I loved it!!!

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