The BEST Science Series for Kids!

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What did we do for science today?

We read a book!

Now I’m all for science exploration, etc….but the Let’s Read and Find Out Science series books are GREAT for introducing science concepts. Many of them even have science exploration as a PART of the book as you read.

They are fantastic! (And I’m not even a part of one of those sites that gives $$$ for book reviews!)

We’ve been doing a unit study on the Human Body. We’ve read quite of few from this series, but these are the books we used this week:

The books come in two reading levels. Here is a list for level 1 and level 2.

And HERE is a listing of ALL titles.

For other great reads for kids, please visit my Book Recommendation Page.

Do you know of any other awesome science series that aren’t listed??? Please make a comment. THANKS!!



The BEST Science Series for Kids! — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been looking for good science books too. For Kindergarten we watched Curious George (when we had satallite), but it’s been rather hit and miss for us since.
    Thanks for the reference. I’m looking forward to what other people have to say, too. 🙂

  2. I really like the “What’s Inside?” series. It is a higher reading level. The younger kids couldn’t read it independently. But the pictures themselves are very informative. And it’s a series that they could grow into.

    We bought “What’s Inside Bugs?” for my brother-in-law when he was about 6. At 11, he still enjoys reading it.

    The series also has “What’s Inside My Body?” that my 4th graders just LOVED.
    I can’t think of the other titles off the top of my head though.

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