The Elementary School, the University, and the Humanists

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This sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? But this is really happening. Since the end of May, there have been media articles and rumblings about a local elementary school which chose to have its 5th grade graduation at a local Christian University. Evidently, during the graduation service, two prayers were said.

In step the Humanists.

KJV Bible

KJV Bible (Photo credit: knowhimonline)

Two parents (out of around 1,000) were “deeply offended” and, from what I gather, they went straight to the political activist group called the American Humanist Association. The articles do not say if those parents went to the principal first to talk about the issue. I hope they did, but I’m afraid they didn’t.

And while I find all of this rigamarole sad, it’s the quote from the Humanist group that caught my attention:

“The main problem is that you’ve got school-aged children attending a school-sponsored event that’s supposed to be secular, not only are they confronted with two prayers, but they’re also in a building that’s surrounded by not just symbolism, but with religious, overtly Christian symbolism,” [Monica]Miller said in an interview. “That’s a problem, especially when you’ve got younger children there.”

It’s her last sentence that should totally rock the world of the global church.

When you’ve got younger children there.

Why is this a nauseating quote? Because the Humanists know that children are impressionable. They know that if adults are able to focus young children on Jesus, then they will be trained in the way they should go and will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) But the AHA also knows that if they can get anything “God” related away from children, then their own worldview will spread. All things secular can be seen and explained. Nothing sacred may show its face.

Granted, I know WHO wins in the end. But if the church doesn’t get up and begin taking the children back, then generations are going to be lost. In fact, children are already leaving the church.

This is one reason why I teach Awana Bible Time as I do. Kids need to be respected and taught the Truth. They don’t need fluff and feel good stories. They need to understand that the Bible is history. Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, King Herod, Ruth…all of these were real people. They are not story book characters.

Queen Ester should not take on a role that is equal to a Disney Princess.

Confronted with two prayers.” Confronted? You bet cha! Believers, we are in a battle. There are battles raging around us in the spiritual realm we know nothing about. If we aren’t confronting the enemy head on, then our kids will be lost. Parents, we cannot hide our heads in the sand and say, “This has nothing to do with me.” It has EVERYTHING to do with all of us!

Whether your children are in public school, Christian school, or homeschool, we parents need to take the role of Spiritual Leaders of our families seriously. We need to show our children the importance of going to church by going to church. We need to show our children the importance of reading the Bible by reading the Bible. We need to show our children the importance of having a Christian worldview by having a Christian worldview. I think you get the point.

We must be examples to our kids. We must be willing to face the hard things of life with a faith that can be seen. Christians can be quick to whine and complain when persecution begins to take place.

Another local Christian school in my area was attacked by atheists after one of the parents posted his anger against the school for teaching his child creationism. Why this man had such a hard time with this, I’m not sure…he KNEW his child was going to a Christian school.

Both of these incidents have happened in the heart of the “Bible Belt”. This type of thing was unheard of a few years ago. Now, I’m afraid, these situations are going to be more common. We must use these situations to communicate with our kids and search our own hearts. Ken Ham over at Answers in Genesis has a great post for helping parents take “something that was meant for evil and using it for good.

Parents, if you want to be sure that your children are being trained in the way they should go, then you are going to have to do it. God purposely gave your kids to you, as He gave me mine. The Lord has a plan and purpose for each child and WE have the amazing responsibility to help prepare them for the work of the Lord.

Perhaps your children are grown or you have grandchildren. Or perhaps you are single and have no children. Make sure that you are involved in your local church. Even if you have no children of your own, you are in a unique position to mentor children and  teach them Truth.

So what can we learn from a public school, a Christian university, and  secular humanist group? Let’s remember that there is a holy God sitting on the throne and that all nations will come under His feet in due time. In the meantime, let’s double check our service in the church and make sure that we are doing all we can to help teach Truth to children. Especially if you have younger children there.


The Elementary School, the University, and the Humanists — 6 Comments

  1. Ridiculous….I have no words. I will say, at my kids school (which I will not name, lest they come under attack) I have heard them pray. I tear up every time, b/c I know they are taking a risk and that, in time, I’m sure they WILL come under attack. Can people not look around at society and see what’s wrong? Why stand around a scratch your head when kids (and adults) do such outrageous things? It’s just the consequences of a nation turning their back on God. May the Lord help us.

  2. i’m still speechless, not sure why b/c it happens all the time, but going to a Christian school – duh, you know you’re child is going to hear the gospel & be taught creation! totally agree – this is what happens when a nation turns against God!

  3. really not sure what to say; if your child goes to a Christian school, the gospel & creation should be taught – why would an atheist send his child to a Christian school ??? agree w/Sherri – we are reaping the consequences of turning out back on God as a nation, take Him out of everything & we expect blessings!

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