The Story of Moses in a Nutshell ~ Exodus 12-13 (The Passover)

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Geography: locate the Canaan, Egypt, and Goshen

Joseph had set the 70ish member family up in the beautiful land of Goshen, which was THE prized land of Egypt. However, pharaohs came and went, and then there were leaders who did not know Joseph. The Israelites were forced into slavery and God raised up Moses to be The Deliverer. Pharaoh‘s heart had been hardened even after nine horrible nationwide plagues that destroyed Egypt’s economy and way of life. But Pharaoh’s heart still would not allow the people of Israel to leave his nation.

Main Events of Exodus 12-13:

It is important to remember that up until this tenth plague, the Israelites had been immune to the plagues. Nothing had touched them. At this point Moses told the Pharaoh that the first born son of all Egypt, including livestock (if any was still alive), would die. Then Moses went to the Hebrews and told them about the coming plague and what God wanted them to do. All the people had to do was obey. But if they chose not to, then the angel of death would visit their home like the Egyptians.

passover lamb

The Hebrew families were told to take a one year old male lamb without blemish and bring it into their homes. The lambs would abide, indwell, live with each family for four days. Then each lamb would be sacrificed, killed. The blood would be painted on the outside of each family’s door: on each doorpost and across the lentil. The Hebrew families were to then cook, eat the lamb, and be prepared to leave at any moment. They should all have their shoes on and staffs ready. At the chosen time, God would pass through killing the first born of man and beast. However, if God saw the blood on the doorway, He would then passover that house.

The time came…and there was a great cry in Egypt. No family was spared. Pharaoh, who lost his first born, told Moses and Aaron to take the people and leave. The Egyptian people gave the Hebrews silver, gold and fine clothes. The riches of Egypt were taken out of the land of Egypt as were the bones of Joseph.

Life Application of Exodus 12-13:

This is such a heart wrenching and tragic piece of history. The strong nation of Egypt, which was the ruling power of the world at this time, was brought to ruin by the God of the universe supplying His own people with what they would need to begin their own nation. The economy was gone, agriculture was destroyed, people were dead, buildings and cities were most probably damaged, and the armies of Pharaoh would be demolished at the Red Sea. What a picture of the power of God!

But the blood!! Don’t forget about the blood! Who is God’s first born Son? JESUS. Moses delivered the Israelites, who delivers us from our sins? JESUS. What consequence for sin, like the Egyptians AND the Hebrews (ALL PEOPLE), do we deserve? DEATH. Who saves every household from death? JESUS. Whose blood do we need to paint on our hearts? JESUS’. Who takes the consequences of God’s wrath instead of us? JESUS……Jesus is the only One who can give salvation to us. We have to be willing to accept and believe that Jesus died for us. We must be willing to confess Jesus with our mouths that He is Lord…then we will be saved.

What Truth did you learn from this lesson?

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