Weight Loss: From Guilt to Peace

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**Please take a moment to check out Audria’s posts over at The Well. She is reading the book, Made to Crave, as I go through the video series.**

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This is a hard pill to swallow. I say in my About page that “Life is hard. Let’s be honest.” So I’m going to be honest.

Since I lost my 40 pounds 2 years ago, I have slowly gained and gained, and now I am at my heaviest since I lost it all. I haven’t gained it all back, but if I don’t do something drastic, then I will.

I lost almost 10 pounds two months ago, and it all came back.
I’m tired of the yo-yo.
I’m tired of feeling guilty when I binge eat.
I want peace.

“Let us make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food.” ~Romans 14:19-20a

I’m tired of hating how I look. I’m tired of having clothes that don’t fit correctly. I’m tired of feeling like a second class person because I can’t dress “in style.”
I want peace of mind.

“Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work…lift up your eyes and look on the fields,…they are white for harvest.'” ~ John 4:34-35

I want to look past the physical needs of myself and focus on the harvest that needs to be brought in. How can I be used of God if I can’t keep my hand off the ice cream spoon?

“You’re being too hard on yourself!” you might say.

Am I though?

“But the man who has doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is SIN.” ~ Romans 14:23

Sin isn’t something to mess with. It’s something to get rid of and run from.

My goals this week:
1. To write down the food I eat and hopefully get back into the habit of tracking.
2. To focus on 1-2 other people whom I can encourage. I want to encourage by word, but I also want to encourage by example. I want to make better choices for others, which includes my kids.

Maybe I’ll lose a little bit of weight in the process.


Weight Loss: From Guilt to Peace — 9 Comments

  1. Just so you know – every single statement that you made above is the exact same statements I have made to myself – WE ARE FIGHTINGTHE SME BATTLE!! Thank you for saying them outloud – I am not alone, and neither are you….

  2. It is hard….I struggle everyday…..you beat yourself too much….you are not overweight….we all want to be the skinny girl in the cute bikini …but, God made us all different…I have found looking perfect is not all that important ….if I feel good, know I am not doing the best I can at food choices, then I except myself….alot has to do with our gene’s …and that is the way God make us….also, when we stress over weight loss our body really holds on to weight….I think you look good…as we age, have children, deal with hormones ….we don’t look like we did at 18…..

  3. You are not alone…since I hurt my hip a few weeks ago, I can’t get back into my walking aerobics. But that said, I agree with Vicki we are all in a different part of our lives and I have come to accept I am who I am at age 51, although I will continue to eat healthy (I refuse to diet) and exercise. It took me a long time with lots of prayer and support from family and friends that I have only recently come to accept this is me today. Bless you as you go through these feelings, but just through your writing I can tell you are a woman of God and God created you to be the special person you are today. Hugs – Patty

    • I do agree that the season of life that I am in is hard for personal time and exercise. Having small children is challenging, but, as you say, I want to eat better and do what I can to exercise along the way. I just know I have a tendency to be lazy and that turns into sin if I am not careful. So…I shall be careful!! And try my best to do well and except grace on the days I mess up.

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