Weight Loss: From Triggers to Truth Part 2

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Alright. I must confess. I’ve been lazy. And that’s not good. I’ve been lazy in Bible study. I’ve been lazy in weight loss. I finally sat myself down the other day after a fabulous morning visiting with a young friend and told myself I needed to “get it together.” Who do I think I am mentoring a young lady when I myself have no self-control? It was a kick to my gut and what a merciful God I have! I’m so glad He allows “do-overs!”

There have been days recently when I have felt so empty. I’ve been empty and I have filled myself up with chocolate instead of the living Word of God. How stupid is that? You’d think by looking at the outside of my life that I have it all together. I’m a homeschool mom with two normally well-behaved children. I’m a deacon’s wife, involved with ministry, and I sing in the choir. I have had a smile on my face and I have been empty inside. I have felt sorry for myself and my little pity party went on for weeks.

And then God’s Word wriggled into my heart and told me “Boast in your weaknesses! My power is made perfect in weakness! When you are weak, then I am strong! MY GRACE is sufficient for you!

I have a weakness: Food. FOOD is not going to fill me up. Wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller is not going to fill me up. These things will not make me happy or bring me joy. I want, desire, NEED to be filled with the fullness of God. (Eph. 3:17-19) That is what I want. That is where true joy comes from. I have been so weak. But over these past few days, God has continuously revealed to me how I must always depend upon Him. I am weak. HE IS STRONG. I cannot do anything in my own power. HE does it all through me. Anything good that I do comes from Him, not of myself.

If your joy in your relationship with Christ were complete, how do you imagine it might affect your relationship with food? I’ll tell you my answer. I would recognize that I am made complete, whole, and perfect in Christ. I shouldn’t need food for anything else but nourishment. My relationship with Jesus is all I need.

“The ultimate goal of this journey is not merely to eat better or to weigh less, but to crave Jesus and His Truths as the ultimate filler of our hearts.” Joy is a much better reward than being able to wear my skinny jeans. And I will only be able to stay within the 29 WW points in HIS power, not my own!

This post over at A Kingdom Year is excellent and deals with feeding on God’s word.

**Please take a moment to check out Audria’s posts over at The Well. She is reading the book, Made to Crave, as I go through the video series.**

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What is a trigger that causes you to feel weak and run to food? Will you join me this week and run to God instead?


Weight Loss: From Triggers to Truth Part 2 — 3 Comments

  1. Just now talking at my blog about the realities of our walk and how it may differ from the perception we have of our walk. You encourage by being honest about the weaknesses you live, and when you share them here you also add accountability to us all. Thank you!

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