Weight Loss: In Conclusion…it’s Faith like Potatoes

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I have reached the end of the Made to Crave study. Wow.

It’s been a trip.

This last bonus section was based on faith that moves mountains. Lysa told a story of her son having to move a pile of large rocks from his dad’s truck to the other side of their pond as a consequence for a wrong choice. It was a long, hard task. Eventually he got it done. This is what the son’s dad told him:

“God is helping you to move the mountain of knowledge into your head one lesson at a time. Sometimes our journeys in life aren’t so much about witnessing the miracle of the mountain moving as they are about experiencing God taking our hand and walking through the journey with us.”

So I am moving my mountain of weight loss…one rock at a time. But it’s going to take faith. Not just any old faith, but faith that moves mountains! There is a difference!

In Mark 9, Jesus has descended from the transfiguration mountain to find his disciples unable to cast out a demon.

The father says: “IF you can do anything, take pity on us and help!”

Jesus: “IF YOU CAN? All things are possible to him who believes.”

The father: “I do believe; help my unbelief!”

Then Jesus healed the boy. Afterwards the disciples ask Jesus why they were unable to cast out this demon as they had others. Jesus replied, “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer.”

Harvesting potatoes - letting them dry in the sun.

Harvesting potatoes – letting them dry in the sun.

I don’t want to presume I know what the disciples were doing, but perhaps in this situation they had been relying on themselves more than on the power of God.

I recently watched the movie Faith Like Potatoes. I highly recommend it! It’s the story of an evangelist in Africa named Angus Buchan. I have never been so challenged before. What a testimony of faith that man has! One of the miracles the movie showed was how Buchan grew a crop of potatoes on faith. He planted and never checked the seed potatoes. He had no water to plant the fields. The vines were dead looking. Not at all like the ones we grew this year! When it came time for the harvest Buchan prayed, once again, and then dug into the ground. He had an entire field full of potatoes.

Peter Marshall, the great evangelical preacher, once said that we need “faith like potatoes” – plain, simple, real faith that will sustain us in our everyday lives. Whenever I pick up a potato I remember those words. That’s the kind of faith I want. When we have faith and act on it, God will come through for us, no matter what our circumstances. God is King!” ~ Angus Buchan

So here is my conclusion of the matter: I am a child of God. I have been wired to crave my Creator. Unfortunately sin can skew that craving. The sin I battle with every day is gluttony. Someone else might battle a different sin. But in order to move this mountain of sin from my life, I must have faith. Not an ordinary type of faith, but a “different” kind, one that takes God seriously. A “faith like potatoes” that is full of scripture, prayer, and fasting. Only then will the mountain of God’s faith knowledge be placed in my head and heart – and that is done by moving one rock, or going through one lesson, at a time through the power of Christ.

“The condition for a miracle is difficulty, however the condition for a great miracle is not difficulty, but impossibility.” ~ Angus Buchan

I can do nothing of myself. In order to battle the laziness, gluttony, pride, arrogance, insecurity, and judgmental thoughts I have in my heart I MUST depend totally on the Lord. He is the great miracle worker. He is the One who erases all sins with His blood. Who am I to think that I can lose weight on my own? My God, and His grace, is sufficient for me.

***A HUGE thank you to those of you who made it to the end of this journey with me. I feel like I need to start back over and try to grasp everything I missed along the way. But I know God has taught me a lot. Now I need to “chew” over the knowledge He has placed in me and “crave” more Truth from the One who provides it.***


Weight Loss: In Conclusion…it’s Faith like Potatoes — 4 Comments

  1. Amen sister!! I loved doing this study with you! I’ve never seen this movie but will have to find it now. You are an inspiration to me.