What’s On Your Reading List?

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I have a confession to make.

I have a weakness for books. I love to read. I love to go to bookstores. I love to buy books. I love to check books out from the library. I like to look at books.

I don’t like to smell books. That’s my husband’s strange thing that he does…

But here is the stack of books I am in the middle of reading:

I think I have a problem. Either that or I am too busy to read.

Maybe by the end of the summer I can make this stack smaller. 🙂

What are you reading this summer?

Thanks for stepping into my world. A world where kids want to be flying saucers, school takes place all over the house, and God reigns. 🙂


What’s On Your Reading List? — 23 Comments

  1. I just fininshed The Hunger Games trilogy. I wanted to know what my youth group kids were talking about so I started and I couldn’t put them down. Next, I’m thinking maybe Belly Button Blues. I love her blog, so I’m guessing I’ll love the book.

  2. Basically whatever strikes my fancy! I finish one book and see what I have and what interests me at the moment. I am now reading a book that was written in 1909 I believe from a Civil War Union Solider from his experiences. He kept a journal and had it published. Very interesting on a soldiers life. Like you I have a weakness for books and read just about anything, bookstores are always on my list of stops when shopping! And like your husband I love the smell of a brand new book and the musty smell of old books. 😉 Happy reading!! 🙂 Patty

  3. I’ve pulled out my replacement copy of The Lord of the Rings after watching one of the films with my dh. It will probably take me six months, but it makes me feel young again since I used to read it through in about a week every Summer!
    There are about 6 other books in my basket, but I’m not in any hurry to finish them…

  4. I have got out of the habit of reading multiple books at once, but i do read. A lot. I’ve just downloaded several books to my kindle, but that won’t last all summer. Maybe a couple of weeks. maybe not. I have the second Temperance Brennan novel to read, also Dorian Gray among others

      • I’ve finally finished Dorian Gray. It is not at all what I expected and was one of the few books I’ve ever read where I’ve had to force myself to read it. I’m glad I read it, but I don’t see it making it onto my list of books I must read again some day they were so good. I’m also glad I didn’t have to pay for it *s* As a warning for anyone else – I found it to have very little in common with the movie (I usually prefer books to movie versions!).

  5. Sorry I am not much of a reader…I can’t sit still long enough….I do my daily Bible reading, which I love…..but for me ill just go shopping……..

  6. Hmm…my summer reading list is a little bit long, but here goes:

    1. “The Quest for Full Assurance” by Joel R. Beeke
    2. “The Ruling Elder” by Samuel Miller
    3. “The Reformed Doctrine of Adoption” by Robert Alexander Webb
    4. “A New Testament Biblical Theology” by G.K. Beale
    5. “Disputations on Sacred Scripture” by William Whittaker
    6. “Fighting for the French Foreign Legion” by Alex Lochrie

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