Where is the World is FFS? Part 1 Answer and Part 2 Clue

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part1clueSo did you guess cockpit? Special hurrahs go out to Sarah Elizabeth over at delivering grace and Sheri over at When the Kids Go to Bed for answering “cockpit”. Good job ladies!!

clue1Both kids were able to go up into the cockpit to speak with the pilot once we landed in London. They both asked some very intelligent questions. I was impressed.


Sweet Cheeks started out sitting next to Grandma.


Here is a picture of the land from the plane. Can you find the castle or large manor house?


Once we finally got our rental car, off we drove to find our first Bed and Breakfast. My husband has driven in England before, but he was (is) a bit rusty. There were things we didn’t know that we will be sharing in a future post.

Other than getting totally lost about 4 times, we really like the town we are staying in. Can you guess where we are?




If you have a guess, leave it in the comments below. Good luck and Cheers!

(Extra Clue…use your computer skills to figure out the name of the river.)


Where is the World is FFS? Part 1 Answer and Part 2 Clue — 7 Comments

  1. Well we have traveled through England….hard to see in your pictures and also are you going south or north of London…..maybe this is the Tymes river……we left London and went to blackpool on the coast….go to Scotland if you have time….loved it….be safe..

  2. Are you in Stratford-upon-Avon? Or maybe Nottinghamshire? Haha, I think my literary loves are getting the better of me. 😉

    I love that you’re posting pictures, though. 🙂

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