WonderWorks aka The Upside-Down Building {Review}

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Who hasn’t seen the upside-down white building when in Pigeon Forge, TN or Myrtle Beach, SC? Maybe you saw one in Orlando or Panama City, FL? There are also two others in New York. I’ve always wanted to go to the upside-down building, and WonderWorks graciously gave me 5 tickets for my family to experience the WonderWorks Indoor Amusement Park!

WonderworksWe were in Pigeon Forge, TN. After a day at Dollywood, and before we left town, we headed over to WonderWorks. There are different ticket packages you can buy, but we received the general admission tickets (2 adults at $24.99 + tax each, 3 children at $16.99 + tax each). We were able to do all of the exhibits, including the ropes course. However, laser tag and the Magic Show were included in different ticket prices.

Our Experience with WonderWorks:

When we entered, we had to walk across a bridge with walls that swirled around us!! It was awesome! I had so much fun watching the kids and my husband attempting to walk across the optical illusion. Sunshine eventually got down on her hands and knees to finish crossing!!

We were able to experience all kinds of hands on activities. We explored lightening, cycling 360 degrees, rock wall climbing, space discovery, the ropes challenge, and more, as we walked through the wonderzones!

Wonderworks Review 2All of the exhibits were bright and colorful. They oozed fun science objectives. I loved how parents could stand side-by-side with their kids to experience fun activities. Even the music choices playing in the background were fun songs! At one point RB broke into singing when Schoolhouse Rock’s “Electricity” came on! There was an activity where we could all enter the room and dance while designs appeared on the wall including our body shapes. They were playing fun 80s music, so my husband and I loved that area!


As we walked from exhibit area to exhibit area, Wonderworks included others types of fun including optical illusions and art. They even had a working bathroom that used new light and glass technology! When the lights were turned on and the door was closed, you could see right through the windows. As soon as the door was locked, the windows “fogged” up causing them to be translucent. We could not see the person inside, nor could the person inside see the people waiting outside. But you could tell the light was on. It was neat!Wonderworks Review 4After roaming through the exhibits, we went upstairs. The laser tag area was up there and a huge game room. We splurged $5 and bought some tokens. We found out that Sweet Cheeks likes motorcycle games. (Yikes!)

We arrived at WonderWorks when they opened and we had completed everything by lunchtime. Our tickets were good for all day, so if we wanted to leave, get lunch, and come back, we could have. My son enjoyed walking through the museum of magic which is by the admissions area. I do wish we had been able to go to the magic show. It looked really good, but the show took place in the evening.

My Recommendation:

We had so much fun at WonderWorks! The kids were sad to go. (I think my husband was too!) But don’t take my word for it:

Sunshine – “My favorite thing was the rolling thing – the crossing bridge.”
Sweet Cheeks – “One of my favorite things was the optical illusion, but it was a little scary!” (the bridge)
RB – “I likes the optical illusions, the floor hockey game, and the robotic arm. That was pretty cool. And the dancing room!”
Husband – “The pin wall, the dance room, the bubble room – I spent a lot of time at each of those.”

WonderWorks was clean. It was a safe place for learning. They offer activities for Youth Groups, which would be fun for a church trip. WonderWorks also books field trips for groups wanting science lessons on earth science, physics, and astronomy.

It is my opinion that WonderWorks receives 5 out of 5 Aliens for Science-Fun Family Friendliness!!

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