100% Against Homeschooling

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I had graduated with an education degree and a chip on my shoulder knowing I knew all there was to know about education. I was totally against homeschooling.

against homeschoolingPublic education was THE way to do things. While young in my field I would listen to other highly respected veteran teachers poopoo-ing homeschooling and slowly I began to say the same things myself. I didn’t think much about why those teachers said what they did, but the arguments sounded logical. Arguments such as: Homeschool families pull out the “good” kids so testing scores and classroom behavior become skewed. Another one was: Those homeschool kids have no socialization with other kids and won’t be able to get along with others. Another argument: Homeschool kids are always behind public school kids.

I bought into it all. And what lies from Satan these are.

I’m not quite sure when my heart started to change. I received my graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction realizing that I knew nothing about education and that I had a lot to learn. (Graduate work does that to a person!) But I received this degree from a Christian university which holds a different worldview than FSU. I had quite the “crisis of belief” as Henry Blackaby calls it. My belief about the church and education radically changed during those years. I was growing in the Lord by leaps and bounds and He was revealing Himself mightily.

And then I took a position with an educational content company.

This opened my eyes to another whole realm of education. It was interesting to watch “state adoption” processes that major textbook companies go through and what motivates them (money!) as they create these public school textbooks. It was fascinating to see the evolution of state and national standards. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of fantastic curricula out there, but to see how these big names went about getting content published, what was allowed in, what was definitely left out, what cultures are ok and which are not, was eye opening. And it made me ask the question, “If my kids are in public school, what happens if I don’t approve of the textbooks the school uses?

And then I had to deal with infertility and miscarriage.

I don’t want to state that going through infertility gives a woman “more” love for her children than a woman who does not have that experience, because I don’t think that is the case. But I will state that it gives a woman a different perspective. And as I get older, I have more of an urgency to spend time with the people I love.

I’m not guaranteed tomorrow.

I want to know my kids, the good and not so great, parts of them. I want them to know me, my struggles, and my God. If I was to send them off to school for 6 hours a day, what am I going to miss??? What will they miss by not being around me???

DSC_0038My attitude has changed 180 degrees. I am 100% FOR homeschooling. But it is not for everyone. There is definitely a need for wonderful Christian families and teachers in the public schools. It is a mission field, absolutely.

If you are considering the idea of homeschooling, here is my advice: get on your knees and pray to the One who gives all wisdom.

Allow Him to guide you.

Allow Him to develop a passion for homeschooling in your heart, if He wills it.

For those of you who have been at this homeschooling thing a while, make sure you are mentoring a “newby.” We need all of the encouragement we can get.

And to my wonderfully patient sister who has homeschooled the last 12 or so years and had to listen to my “know-it-all” arguments: I am deeply sorry I did not support you in your decision. I love you dearly.


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100% Against Homeschooling — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, that is a really good article. I wish it fit into my blog genre so I could repost it. Why don’t you send it to HSLDA and some other homeschooling entities?
    It would sure be nice if my sister-in-law could see what you see, but she’s going through infertility issues now, so it’s academic for them.
    Now, of course, the antis are realizing all those old arguments don’t hold water, so their going after us on our religious instruction, which is true to a point. My kids can describe evolution to you, but they sure know where they actually came from!!

  2. Good post. Really good. I appreciate you stating that there are reasons that sometimes people can’t or wouldn’t choose to homeschool. And it is a mission field. But so is homeschooling. Bloom where you are planted, and He will water and give the increase! 🙂

  3. As pioneer homeschooler I can fully understand where you are coming from! When we started homeschooling 25+ years ago, I never heard of homeschooling. My oldest daughter was sooo into school and school bus at age 2 that it was obvious we start her in public school. That lasted 3 month. Reason we quit: We didn’t want to alter our family values. Next private school for almost 2 years. Didn’t like the stigma and the snobbery. When I saw the fellow pupils my son would have in his class, we had it with school- period. I had to do all the homework anyway, since the professional educators allowed the parents to slave over homework every night.
    We made homeschool a way of life and now my grandchildren are home schooled. We didn’t regret our decision, though some of our relatives have not spoken with us in years, because we had the audacity to limit our children to our puny intellect. 2 of our children had high enough GPAs and excellent SATs that they got full scholarship for colleges. However they dropped out to pursue carriers in business, which I at first was not fond of. However I come to realize I raised very responsible humans, who couldn’t abide by the business management of their colleges, the double standards and the insufficient education received, compared to the ration of expense others had to pay to get a diploma needed to make a living.
    I totally agree with you! The education of our children is very important and not left just anybody…..We will be responsible to God for what we did with what he gave us, Our children is the only thing, we can take to heaven with us.

  4. Great article! I love it! I support homeschooling and private education too. I’ve written several articles about homeschooling. I love how homeschooling provides limitless opportunities for learning. I also love that no homeschooling family is exactly alike; there are single parent homeschooling families, work-at-home parents who homeschool, work-outside-of-home parents who homeschool, grandparents who homeschool, etc. I’m glad that more people are discovering homeschooling, embracing it, and finding ways to make it happen. With home-based businesses rising in popularity, it is more possible to work at home and educate children at the same time.

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