100% Man + 100% Daddy = 100% My Husband

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I need to take just a moment to boast in my husband. It’s mid-April, which means I am planning RB’s birthday party. In my family, birthdays seem to take on a life of their own. And most of that is because of my wonderful husband. Hang out with me a few moments and allow me to boast in the man I love!!

Take, for instance, RB’s 3rd birthday party. The theme was Curious George:

The Man with the Yellow Hat and RB.

The Man with the Yellow Hat and Sweet Cheeks

Then we had Sweet Cheek’s 2nd birthday party. There was a slight Princess theme:

Then RB turned 4. The theme was Thomas the Train:

Sir Topham Hat greeting friends as they arrived

Me with Sir Topham Hat

This past December, Sweet Cheeks turned 3. She had a Minnie Mouse party:

Mickey with a family friend

Mickey looking tough with another dad

And now it’s mid-April and RB has announced that he would like a Cars birthday party. Hmmmmm….

But this is the whole reason why he does what he does:

Mickey and Sweet Cheeks

I love my man and I am extremely blessed by him! (No matter how crazy he is!!)

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100% Man + 100% Daddy = 100% My Husband — 16 Comments

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