12 Things to Say to Your Spouse Today

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This weekend I learned how to be a better spouse. My husband and I are always on the look-out for practical things we can do towards each other to enrich our marriage. He might listen to a podcast. I might do a Bible study. We’re different in how we learn, but this weekend we went to a Marriage Retreat. It was wonderful! We got away from the kids for a few days. We were up in the beautiful mountains with the changing leaves. It was really nice.

We had a few keynote speakers and I will share more about what we heard and learned in later posts, but when I heard this list of encouraging statements we can tell our spouses from Mark Merrill, my ears pricked up and I knew I wanted to share them with you, Readers.

Our spouses need encouragement. They need to know they are not alone. Marriage is a TEAM effort. I must be my husband’s greatest cheerleader and fan. So here is a list of things you can say to your spouse to show them you are on his or her side:

Thanks for all you do.

I already did that.

You are beautiful.

Let me watch the kids.

Let’s go out.

I’m so sorry you had a difficult day.

You are a great mom and wife.

I love being your wife.

I enjoy being married to you.

I am attracted to you.

I am grateful for your leadership.

I am impressed by how you handled that situation.

Some of these are spouse specific, but others can be told to either spouse. I encourage you to choose 2-3 of these statements and tell them to your spouse today. Then choose another to say the next day. Graft these statements into your vocabulary. You won’t be sorry.

**For Mark Merrill’s full lists, see 10 Things Wives Need to Hear and 10 Things Husbands Need to Hear.

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12 Things to Say to Your Spouse Today — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks i will give all these to dennis….lol…….seriously thank you….we do need to tell each other more how we do appreciate one another…

  2. Sounds like your Daddy and me. I hope that we set a good example for you and your sister. This December it will be 47 wonderful years of marriage, and we love each other (and you and Joy) more than ever!

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