40 Blessings to Celebrate My 40th Birthday Today

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I knew this day was coming. Part of me dreaded the fact I was turning 40 this year. You know, statistically, I’ve lived half my life already. But as the year progressed, my thinking changed. I don’t have to wake up each morning. God allows me to wake up because of His grace. Each day I live on this earth, with the people around me, is a blessing. I have had the opportunity to do so many things in my life and I know there are more exciting blessings coming in the future, if the Lord so chooses to bless me with another year of life.

DSCN0824Here are 40 Blessings that I have had over the years. Not all of the blessings were fun at the time, but in hind-sight, they were some of the most precious times with my Lord.

1. I was born 40 years ago today!

2. I was spiritually born about 27 years ago and I have never regretted it.

3. I was born in the south.

4. My parents are still married.

5. My sister was born on my birthday! (Happy Birthday, Sis!)

6. My Dad loves science.

7. My Mom loves math. (Put those together and I had an awesome education.)

8. I went to a Christian elementary school.

9. I was involved in the high school chorus and still have good friends from those years.

10. I taught the 5th grade Sunday School class when I was a senior in HS which began my service in Children’s Ministry.

20090811_1011. I went to Florida State University. (Go NOLES!!!)

12. I was in the Air Force ROTC program for 2 years.

13. I wandered off the spiritual path the Lord had for me, but those non-intelligent decisions have taught me a lot about my God and myself.

14. I have a degree in early childhood education.

15. I was able to go to graduate school at a Biblically sound university which God used to yank me back to Himself.

16. I have a masters degree in education, and was given a passion to teach the scriptures.

17. I never had a real “date” until I was 24.

18. I’m married to the greatest guy!

19. I was able to teach in the classroom for 6.5 years.

20. I had the opportunity to be a Children’s Outreach Director at our church. In this role I was: the VBS Director, I planned the Easter Egg Hunt, I helped lead the children’s choir, I taught the kids on Wednesday nights….I can’t even remember everything.

21. Got burned out doing ministry. Lessons learned.

Canterbury Castle

Canterbury Castle

22. Moved to Maryland and lived about 45 minutes from Washington D.C. That was amazing!

21. Saw fireworks over the Washington Monument.

22. Became a part of a fantastic small group at our church.

23. Was asked to lead a Ladies Bible study which grew from 4 ladies to about 16 in 2 years. I love them so much!!

24. Went to England for 2 weeks.

25. Went to Mississippi after Katrina went through and directed a VBS for kids at a local church.

26. Suffered through 4 years of infertility treatments.

27. Became pregnant without the help of doctors.

22 weeks pregnant with RB

22 weeks pregnant with RB

28. Became the mom of 2 healthy children.

29. Moved back to the south.

30. Bought a house without ever walking through it. (TOTAL God thing!)

31. Watched my husband and his family bond together while his dad suffered with dementia and Alzheimers symptoms.

32. Became the member of a Bible believing church.

33. Given the opportunity to lead Women’s Bible studies.

34. Asked to be an Awana Co-Commander with 3 other solid Christian ladies.

35. I get to teach children the scriptures every Wednesday night.

36. I get to homeschool my kids.IF

37. I’ve been married for 13 years so far!

38. I am in good health.

39. I’m able to freelance and write pretty much whenever I’d like to.

40. I receive so much love from my husband, kids, family, and friends. It’s love that is undeserved and reminds me that there is nothing that I can do to earn unconditional love from a great and merciful God.

So no black streamers, grave stones, or walking canes for me!

I’m celebrating life and excited to see what the future holds.


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