A Christmas Tradition You Don’t Want to Miss: A Cradle for the King!

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Christmas traditions are important in my household. What about yours? The tree, lights, candles, goodies…maybe advent calendars and goofy sweater parties. Whatever the tradition, I’m always on the look-out for new fun activities. The goal is not to replace the old traditions, but to add to the choices of traditions.

Christmas Tradition Cradle for the King

Some years certain traditions don’t fit with the practicality of life, or perhaps a box is opened and grief or loneliness causes certain emotions to be too strong. So having a repertoire from which to choose from can be a blessing.

Some years we use advent books such as Jotham’s Journey. We’ve also had fun creating a Jessie Tree by adding ornaments each day.

Now I’ve found a new tradition to add to my stash! And at the bottom of the page be sure to see the deal I have for YOU!!

Cradle for the King ($54.97) includes a book, manger, string, and the cutest baby Jesus ever!

cradle for the king Christmas tradition

What is Cradle for the King?

Cradle for the King is an interactive activity for a family to do together during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. It can be a new tradition that strengthens the family bond, teaches Christian values, and underscores the meaning of Christmas.

Using the book and the activity allows for family members to “catch” each other doing good things. However, the rewards for service, kind words, or good manners are not given to those who do the good behavior, but to Jesus.

Christmas tradition

Who is the Cradle for the King for?

The Cradle for the King is a Christmas tradition that can be used with any size family, church group, or school group. Do you…

  • love Christmas?
  • want Jesus to be the focus during the season?
  • want to do something fun with your kids?
  • want a new parenting tool?

If this describes you, then get ready for a fun product!

What’s Included in the Cradle for the King?

The Cradle for the King comes in a linen bag. Inside is a children’s book, two wooden pieces for the manger, a bag of yellow string, and of course, Baby Jesus.


How We Used Cradle for the King

I read the book first. At the end, the author includes ideas for activities that go along with the book. I thought about how I wanted to go about this activity with my kids. Recently there have been squabbles and arguments among the children. I decided to have them watch each other and tell each other when to go put in a string for the King. The manger easily fit together and I set it up on the piano. Then I gathered the kids to read the book.

We snuggled on the couch and read about the family in the book and how they used the Cradle for the King. By the end, the children wanted to know where I had put the yarn and the Baby Jesus. They were ready to begin!


We walked over to the piano and I showed them the empty manger. The bag of yarn was sitting beside it and the Baby Jesus was inside the bag.

cradle 3

We discussed different ways we could all add yarn to the manger and over the next few weeks yellow “hay” appeared. It was fun to hear the kids say, “Can I put in a string for the King?” They really desired to place the string! I had to encourage them to tell me when someone ELSE should put in a string and not themselves.

After a few weeks, we quickly filled up the manger and added Baby Jesus. During December, you would end the manger filling on Christmas Day and add the Baby Jesus.

cradle 4

What We Love about Cradle for the King

Me: I love the fact that we all had to pay attention to each other so the yarn could be added to the manger. This activity built excitement in our home whenever anyone was “caught” doing good.

RB: I liked putting in the yarn and how we could make it look like the manger.

Sweet Cheeks: I loved the Baby Jesus and I want to do this during Christmas!

Sunshine: My favorite thing was putting in Baby Jesus and my second thing was putting in the string.

The only thing about this product that seems negative is that I’m not sure the yarn will fit back into the package it came in.

cradle 5

Nailed it!

cradle 6

Bottom Line

This is an excellent product to add to any family’s list of Christmas traditions! The manger is stained, real wood that slides easily together. Baby Jesus is well made, soft and squishy. {Little ones will love hugging it!} The book explains the concept of paying attention to other people during the holiday instead of focusing on self.

Overall, I am pleased with Cradle for the King and we plan on pulling it back out in December as a new Christmas tradition.

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